10 Tips to Stay Healthy if You Sit at a Computer All Day

Tips to Stay Healthy

Learn ten wellness tips for office workers from your friends at www.BetterHealthKare.com

If the majority of your day involves sitting at a desk, you might be wondering how to stay as fit and healthy as possible. It is widely known that sitting in front of a computer all day effects one’s weight and can have a negative impact on cardiovascular health. But, if sitting at a computer or desk all day long is required as part of your job, there are tips to stay healthy than can be implemented. The key is to get moving, and to be consistent over time so you can stay as healthy as possible. Here are 10 of our favorite wellness tips for office workers:

  1. Plan continuous breaks – This important tip revolves around moving and staying active. Every hour or so, condition yourself to get up and take a quick break. It could be a trip to the water fountain, or a quick sprint up and down a flight of stairs. Just get those legs moving, even if it is only for a few minutes.
  2. Consider a standing desk – Many offices and companies are implementing desks/computers/keyboards that can be used while someone is standing. You don’t have to use this desk all the time, but it is a healthy way to switch things up. There are also desks from retailers such as Staples that are attached to an exercise bike – another great way to get your heart pumping and your blood moving!
  3. Head outdoors for meetings – Do you have a short meeting scheduled with coworkers? If technology isn’t a requirement of the meeting, keeping you tied to a conference room, why not take the meeting outdoors and take a brisk walk while sharing ideas?
  4. Use the stairs – Another wellness tip for office workers includes using the stairs to arrive at your destination, rather than always opting for the elevator or escalator.
  5. Invest in a pedometer – Tracking your steps each day could be the incentive you need to increase your steps and get yourself moving. Aim for 10,000 steps per day to reap the cardiovascular benefits.
  6. Schedule fitness – Another tip to stay healthy is to plan your fitness activity ahead of schedule. If you know your daily schedule allows little time for breaks, try to schedule physical activity in before or after work, whether it is a quick walk, at home fitness DVD, or working out at your local gym. This activity may offset some of the negative effects of sitting all day.
  7. Pay attention to your diet – Many people tend to snack when they are sitting for long periods, and often times aren’t even that hungry. Be sure to have healthy snack options at your desk such as nuts, granola bars, fruit and plenty of water. Your scheduled breaks throughout the day can involve a trip to the water cooler and can help you increase your daily water intake.
  8. Make the most of your lunch break – Consider eating a smaller, healthier lunch each day and spending a few minutes during each lunch break to take a stroll outside or burn some calories by utilizing the staircase in your building. The goal is to not eat lunch at your desk, which adds even more time you are sitting each day.
  9. Get others on board – Do you have coworkers who are also looking to improve their health? A great wellness tip for office workers is getting several people on board who will take a quick walk with you during their lunch break, track their steps using a pedometer, or take a short break several times a day to exercise in the stairwell. You can also consider starting a weight loss club or contest with your coworkers to get everyone on board and working together.
  10. Ditch your car – Are you close enough to work that you can bike, run or walk there? If so, consider ditching your car a few times a week and getting to work via other modes of transportation (incorporating your body).

Utilizing some of these tips to stay healthy can help combat the adverse effects that can come from sitting for long periods of time. To learn other ways to keep your health in the best shape possible, visit www.BetterHealthKare.com



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