8 Quick Workout Exercises

Quick Workout Exercises

Try these 8 quick workout exercises for weight loss and improved fitness

Have you been researching quick workout exercises at home and effective workouts for weight loss? If so, you have most likely come across information that recommends working out between 30 and 45 minutes per day, depending on your fitness level. Many people struggle with this as it can be difficult to find a block of time each day in this time range. The good news is studies are now showing that people who divvy their exercise into ten-minute increments are having more successful outcomes. In fact, one recent study from the University of Virginia highlights those who choose ten-minute increments tended to exercise more steadily and achieved a greater weight loss.

So, if you are ready to shape up for summer, and ten-minute blocks of time work for your hectic schedule, try these eight quick total body workouts today:

  1. Try good old-fashioned jumping jacks. While some of us haven’t done this type of exercise since we were young, jumping jacks are a great way to build cardiovascular health and get your heart pumping. Start off with one to two minutes worth and build up your tolerance to five or ten minutes. Jumping Jacks are an excellent way to burn calories, with a 150-pound person burning almost 100 calories in just ten minutes!
  2. Going to get the afternoon mail or grab the morning newspaper? Commit to taking a five-minute walk around your neighborhood to get your blood pumping. You may be surprised by the pep of energy you get afterwards.
  3. Do you find yourself regularly bringing a loved one to appointments or classes frequently? Instead of waiting in the car or lobby, take a walk around the building or surrounding area until it is time to leave. You’d be surprised at the extra calories you can burn each week!
  4. Watching television at night? Instead of munching on food, get on the floor and do some front planks. Depending on how many you do and how long you can hold the position, your back and abs will really benefit from this exercise.
  5. Another quick workout from home is performing side lunges. These can also be done when watching a movie or television, and is a great way to lighten your buttocks and legs.
  6. Something as simple as incorporating your staircase into a ten-minute fitness routine is also an effective workout for weight loss. See how many times you can walk up and down your home staircase. Each day, try to increase that number slightly. This is a great cardio workout for heart health.
  7. Do you live close to the place you work, volunteer or perhaps near a grocery store you frequent? If so, consider walking there at times vs. driving.
  8. Are you staring mindlessly at your phone during television commercials? If so, get up and jog in place for a few minutes. This is a quick total body workout that can burn up to 50 calories in 5 minutes for a 150-pound individual.

Losing weight and improving your fitness level can be done without 30 or 45-minute quick workout exercises. Try incorporating several of these quick workouts at home or work and enjoy the health and weight loss benefits. To learn more effective workouts for weight loss, visit www.BetterHealthKare.com.

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