Great Exercise for Diabetics

Exercises For Diabetics

Learn about exercises for diabetics and how you can improve your blood sugar levels.

Exercise is an important addition to everyone’s life, especially diabetics. It can help patients keep their blood sugar regulated and could help increase the production and action of insulin in the body. Unfortunately, diabetics are not getting the exercise they should be, with studies showing less than 40 percent of patients engaging in some form of activity. With diabetes increasing patients’ risk for being obese and/or falling, exercise can help with one’s balance, and keep his or her weight in check and also help to lose weight. With exercises for diabetics, diet, medication and diabetes sugar levels going hand in hand, let’s take a quick look at easy

Exercises for diabetics:

  1. Go for 30: Physicians recommend at least 30 minutes of exercise each day, but you may not have an open time slot to do this all at once or you may not be physically able at the moment. Try breaking your workouts into mini exercise sessions throughout the day until you hit the 30-minute mark. You will still get the health benefits you need to help you better control your blood sugar.
  2. Take up Walking – Walking is one of the most often prescribed exercise-related activity for diabetics. Brisk walking can be done just about anywhere, just be sure to invest in good shoes. In addition, anyone engaging in a diabetic workout plan that involves walking may want to purchase a pedometer to help him or her keep track of progress. Those with a pedometer typically walk about 2,500 more steps each day than those without.
  3. Weight Train – With the correlation between exercise and diabetes sugar levels, it is important to also add weight training to your routine. Patients with less muscle mass could have a more difficult time regulating blood sugar. Plan to weight train at least twice a week, and if you cannot afford a gym membership, invest in some free weights and work out in the privacy of your own home.
  4. Try Yoga – Did you know yoga is an incredible exercises for diabetics? Not only is it a wonderful stress reducer, but yoga can also help you decrease body fat and fight insulin resistance. Because high stress levels typically go hand in hand with higher sugar levels, yoga is an ideal choice for people with high stress schedules and lifestyles.
  5. Try a New Class – Perhaps you have always wanted to try line dancing, ballet, Tai Chi, or a spin class. Now is a great time to engage in a new physical activity that is not only fun and different, but can help you improve blood sugar and/or weight levels. Research your local YMCA, senior center or dance company online and see what classes might work for you.
  6. Add One Thing – Your diabetic workout plan will have a greater chance of success if you add one physical activity or exercise at a time. Don’t pressure yourself by feeling like you have to sign up at a gym and suddenly work out every day, on top of diet and medication changes. This can prove to be overwhelming and you will have a greater chance of not sticking with these changes.
  7. Go For a Swim – Swimming offers an ideal form of aerobic exercise that isn’t stressful to the joints. If you are a diabetic patient who is prone to foot infections or blisters, consider purchasing a pair of water shoes that can protect your feet and reduce your risk of slipping.

With so much research highlighting the positive affect of exercise and diabetes sugar levels, discuss potential exercise options with your doctor to help improve your health. You can learn more about exercise, diet, and medication options for diabetes at


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