Health Tips for Reversing Prediabetes

Reversing Prediabetes

What is Prediabetes? Is Reversing Prediabetes Possible?

Prediabetes is a diagnosis that many people in the United States frequently hear. It means that blood sugar levels in the body are high, yet not high enough to be considered type 2 diabetes. The positive side to having prediabetes is that you don’t have type 2 diabetes and it is possible to prevent it through certain health changes. The negative side to having prediabetes is that it is very possible that type 2 diabetes could be developed over time and severely affect the body. If you have been diagnosed with prediabetes, you’re probably wondering “can prediabetes be reversed permanently?” or “what are the steps in reversing prediabetes?”

Here we are going to talk about how to reverse prediabetes naturally and what you can do to prevent diabetes from developing.

What are prediabetes risk factors?

 There are many risk factors that increase chances of not only developing prediabetes but also type 2 diabetes if habits aren’t changed.  These risk factors come from the Mayo Clinic and their research.

  • Weight – the more weight you carry on your body the more resistant your body becomes to the insulin in your blood stream
  • Waist Size – large waist size can create resistance in the intake of insulin
  • Dietary Patterns – a diet that is high in red and processed meat as well as high sugar drinks can increase the risk for prediabetes and type 2 diabetes
  • Inactivity – being active by exercising a few times a week can help your body immensely because it uses the sugar as energy.
  • Age – the risk of prediabetes is much higher in those that are older than 45.
  • Family History – if you have someone like a parent or sibling who has type 2 diabetes, your chance is much higher in developing it.
  • Gestational Diabetes – if diabetes was present during a pregnancy
  • Sleep – or lack of it.
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Low levels of “good cholesterol
  • High levels of triglycerides (fat in blood)

Reversing Prediabetes: Tips on how to reverse prediabetes naturally

It all begins with what you eat. Here we’re going to give you some tips on what you should stay away from while reversing prediabetes. Keep in mind, your main enemy is sugar, addiction to sugar is the culprit to it all.

When it comes to something sweet: Weather you have a craving for a dessert, a soda or are eating a granola bar mid day, throw it all out. All of these things are high in both sugar and carbs and ultimately do nothing to help the sugar in your blood. Try changing out your granola bar for a protein shake. Buy vegan or plant-based powered protein and add a scoop of it with fruit to create a smoothie. The best part is that the fruit is already sweet so no extra sugar is needed. Not to mention plant-based protein powder is full of good things and is high in protein to keep you full longer.

Choose fresh fruit, but don’t eat too much of it: Any fresh fruit or vegetable is going to be better for you because it is natural. If you are replacing your sweet treats with fresh fruits that is ok but make sure not to over do it. Fruit does have sugar in it so watching how much you eat of it can help you.

If you’re wondering, can prediabetes be reversed permanently, or not… evidence shows that it is possible. Changing habits can be very difficult, especially when with friends and family. Making the right steps towards helping your body and watching your health can only help you in the long run. Stick to your guts, watch what you eat, how much of it you eat and over time it will get easier.


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