Hurricane Preparedness Tips for Diabetics

hurricane preparedness tips

General Hurricane Preparedness List & Diabetes Emergency Survival Kit

Depending on where you live in the United States you may run the risk of going through hurricane season. Right now we’re in the peak of hurricane season and people are always looking for hurricane preparedness tips, making sure they’re prepared in case things really get bad. The high ticket items on normal hurricane preparedness list are water, non-perishable items, first-aid kit, batteries and more… Here we’re going to not only focus on being prepared for a hurricane but also being prepared for a hurricane if you have diabetes and a diabetes emergency survival kit.

Diabetes Emergency Survival Kit

If you have diabetes and live in an area where you could be affected by hurricanes, or any sort of crazy weather patterns then you should always be prepared with a diabetes emergency survival kit. All of the items that are included on the hurricane preparedness list for diabetes should be stored in something that is waterproof, insulated and also portable. The Texas A&M University came up with a diabetes emergency plan that not only gives hurricane preparedness tips but also a list of what you need in emergency situations.

In your diabetes emergency survival kit you should keep copies of the following information as well as medications:

  • At least a 30 day supply of prescriptions
  • A copy of your most recent lab results
  • An overview, or list of personal medical condition, allergies and medications
  • Emergency contact list including doctor
  • Reusable frozen gel packs to keep insulin from getting too warm

In your diabetes emergency survival kit you should also keep the following items to be able to test your glucose levels and keep track of your health:

  • Glucose testing strips
  • Batteries
  • A container to dispose of needles and other testing materials
  • Items such as glucose tabs or juice that can be a source of sugar
  • Writing utensils to be able to keep track of glucose levels
  • First aid kit

Make sure that your survival kit is easily accessible and portable if you need to move quickly. It’s also important to keep identification with you that informs others that you have diabetes in case of a severe emergency.

Hurricane Preparedness List

If you have diabetes, after you have prepared your diabetes emergency survival kit it’s also important that you have other supplies to keep yourself and your family safe and healthy during an emergency.

Prior to a warning of a hurricane you can prepare by doing the following things:

  • Purchase a radio that is able to receive NOAA emergency weather frequency
  • Know where local storm shelters are available in case it is necessary to find one
  • Have an evacuation plan to get out of your home and community
  • Have a set of supplies that can last three days
  • Have your important documents in a waterproof container and make digital copies of everything
  • Consider purchasing hurricane shutters

If a hurricane has formed and is now headed towards you, according to Ready, a government site that offers hurricane preparedness tips 36 hours before it arrives you should be working on the following things:

  • Your tv or radio should be on so you can be up to date on the weather and any emergency notifications
  • Make sure your emergency kit with water, food, medications, flashlights, batteries, cash and first aid is prepared
  • Speak with your family about how you will communicate if you lose power
  • Make sure you know your evacuation route, zone and where local shelters are
  • Make sure your car has gas, and that it has emergency supplies in it if you need to leave quickly
  • Prepare your home with boards, shutter, sandbags, tarps, etc.

No matter what the emergency is, it’s important to be prepared to not only protect your family but also your health.

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