Negative Effects of Diabetes on the Body

negative effects of diabetes on the body

Explore the negative effects of diabetes, and the role it plays on the body.

There are many different organs affected by diabetes type 2 as well as general health. Here we will touch on the effects of type 2 diabetes on the body, prevention and how to take care of yourself if you have type 2 diabetes. When someone develops diabetes it is possible that they are not aware of the negative effects of diabetes on the body. Diabetes doesn’t just have to do with blood sugar control but also the body’s ability to produce insulin, which is used to turn sugar into energy. 

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Effects of Type 2 Diabetes on the Body

There are many effects of type 2 diabetes on the body and here is a list of negative effects of diabetes on the body:

  • Risk of stroke – having diabetes can increase the risk of stroke four times more than someone without diabetes
  • Thirst – Diabetes causes extreme thirst and is one of the more noticeable symptoms of developing type 2 diabetes
  • Sweet Breath – Having a sweet scent to your breath can be a sign of diabetes because of the high levels of ketones in the blood.
  • Risk of Heart disease – Diabetes can cause high blood pressure which leads to damaged blood vessels. Damage to the blood vessels adds strain on the heart putting the individual at a greater risk for heart disease.
  • Fatigue / Lack of Energy – The kidneys and pancreas are two of the organs affected by diabetes type 2 and can lead to lethargy and difficulties concentrating
  • Pancreas Problems – The pancreas one of the major organs affected by diabetes type 2 because it is unable to produce the insulin the body needs to turn sugar into energy.
  • Frequent Bathroom Use – Using the restroom frequently is one of the effects of type 2 diabetes on the body, and can also be a warning sign of the development of diabetes.
  • Nerve Damage – Nerve damage often occurs in the extremities and feels like your limbs have fallen asleep – on pins and needles -. This is one of the negative effects of diabetes on the body because it can alter feeling in the feet and hands putting the body at higher risk of injury.
  • Foot Problems – Problems in the feet is related to nerve damage as well as high blood sugar and can limit circulation in the feet, increase infections, cause ulcers and other problems.
  • Vision Issues – diabetes causes damage to the blood vessels in the eyes and can cause visual issues that can sometimes lead to blindness
  • Loss of Consciousness – Without following treatment for diabetes, loss of consciousness can occur
  • Risk of Infection – Diabetes leads to a larger risk of bacterial, fungal and yeast infections.
  • High Blood Pressure – is another one of the negative effects of diabetes on the body which can lead to other complications.
  • Ketoacidosis – ketoacidosis is a state in which your body needs to use hormones to turn fat into energy causing high levels of toxic acids which can be life threatening.
  • Protein in the Urine – damage to the kidneys can occur when there are high levels of protein in the urine.

If you have diabetes…

It’s important to make sure that you are not only taking care of your diet but also exercising. Following a diet that is similar to a Mediterranean diet that is high in fatty fish, healthy oils, whole grains and many vegetables can be beneficial to your health. Eating healthy can lead to dropping a few extra pounds which is great for your overall health. Exercise is important for a person with or without diabetes, two to three days a week getting out and going for a walk will not only make you feel better but help you maintain heart and overall health.

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