8 Reasons Why You Could Be Sweating Too Much

sweating too much

Does it seem like you are sweating more than normal? Here’s some more info on why – and how to help it.

Sweating a lot can be a tiresome condition. You always need to worry about odor, and you are always damp and uncomfortable. It can help to get to the bottom of your condition. There are a number of possible reasons why you may sweat excessively. You may try out these ideas one by one.

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Keep hot foods and caffeine under control

Coffee, colas, alcohol and curries can all leave you sweating, in particular over your face and head. It can change from one person to another what kinds of foods have these effects, however. You need to keep checking and keep a journal of the various foods that have this effect on you. You can then try to avoid those foods.

Pick breathable fabrics

Natural fabrics and loose-fitting clothes keep your body cool. Your body has an easier time breathing and doesn’t need to sweat as much. When you work out, you can still keep sweat to a minimum by wearing fabrics specially designed to wick sweat away from your skin.

Stress less

Stress can often cause perspiration to appear. Sweating, in turn, can raise your stress levels and cause you to sweat even more. Correcting stress can be a difficult matter, however. You will need to think of long-term plans such as yoga or meditation. Eventually, you will help your stress, which can lower the amount of perspiration that you have to put up with.

Get a good anti-perspirant

Deodorants don’t help you sweat less — they just make sure that there is no odor. If you pick up an anti-perspirant, however, you do help your sweaty condition. When you apply an anti-perspirant that is aluminum-based, you control the amount of perspiration you get by blocking your sweat glands. If this doesn’t work well enough for you, you can consult a dermatologist for a stronger anti-perspirant obtained through prescription.

Take care of your feet

Sweaty feet can make you uncomfortable. If you struggle with this problem, you can avoid wearing pantyhose. The synthetic materials used in them can cause you to sweat more than you should. Wear socks instead, and shoes with breathable uppers. If you can get absorbent insoles, they could help you feel better, as well. Finally, you should remember that you can use anti-perspirant on your feet, just as you do on your underarms.

Stay cool

Using air-conditioning or fans can help you lower your body temperature. Leaving the window open can help, too. Drink lots of water, and take cool showers, rather than hot ones. Make sure that you dress in layers, as well. When it feels warm, you can remove a couple of layers.

Maintain healthy habits

Being overweight, and involved with an alcohol or tobacco habit, can all exacerbate sweating. Keep your weight to a healthy level, make sure that you leave your cigarettes behind, stay away from excessive alcohol and you should get your sweating at least partially under control.

Make sure that you don’t have a health condition

If you sweat excessively, make sure that you don’t have health conditions such as chest pains or a rapid heartbeat. When excessive sweating combines with any of these symptoms, it could point to a health condition such as heart disease or thyroid disease.

Finally, if your sweating is not under control, consider asking your doctor about the possibility that you suffer from a condition called hyperhidrosis. People who experience this condition sweat excessively. The condition can be helped with medications.

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