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diabetic ketoacidosis complications

Diabetic Ketoacidosis Complications

Diabetic Ketoacidosis Complications

What is Diabetic Ketoacidosis? If you have diabetes, diabetic ketoacidosis complications are a real threat because they can emerge in both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Diabetic ketoacidosis complications are much more common in individuals who have type 1 diabetes than those who have type 2 diabetes. Diabetic ketoacidosis is severe and life threatening

what is diabetic ketoacidosis

What is Diabetic Ketoacidosis?

Diabetic Ketoacidosis Symptoms and Treatment What is diabetic ketoacidosis? Diabetic ketoacidosis is a complication of diabetes that is severe. This complication forms when the body produces many ketones in the blood which are types of acids and occurs when the body can’t produce enough insulin. Insulin is what your body produces to convert sugar into