Tips for Sticking to a Diet

tips for sticking to a diet

Have you tried one too many times to lose weight? These tricks and tips for sticking to a diet may be just what you need to keep it up!

If you are from this planet, you are probably guilty of starting a diet and then just simply tossing it to the side. Weight loss is a constant struggle for many, but now we can take advantage of the many tricks and tips for sticking to a diet and actually succeed on this journey.

How to stick to a diet on the weekend is as hard as that trigonometry test you took in high school and still haunts your dreams. However, if you plan accordingly, you actually can have your cake, AND eat it too.

Start Small

If you are wondering how to stick to a diet long term and really commit to it, many experts suggest that you start the small way: by setting up shorter term goals that are achievable and that won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Let us explain… Instead of developing a diet to lose 40 pounds by the end of the year, focus on developing a meal and exercise plan that will help you lose 5 pounds within this month. Sometimes a small start is enough motivation to reach that bigger goal.

Reward Yourself!

Other great tips for sticking to a diet include motivating yourself constantly, and rewarding yourself for reaching out those mini-goals. Think about indulging in some low-fat frozen yogurt once you lose those first 5 pounds, or go on a weekend getaway after reaching your ultimate goal.

Meal Prep

If you are struggling in finding ways on how to stick to a diet on the weekend, meal prepping is a great idea. When you prepare your meals for the week, simply add a few more healthy options for the weekends.

Having ready-to-go healthy meals will ensure that you stay on track even when you head out to the beach with your friends and family.

Educate Yourself

Try to educate yourself. Knowing how to stick to a diet long term means knowing how your body works. When you are really hungry, and when you just have the desire to eat, whether because you are bored, you have anxiety or you are lacking some distraction.

Consistency is Key

Regularize your meal plan and stick to it. As one of the best tips for sticking to a diet, this one ensures that you never have to wait for that very last moment of despair and extreme hungriness.

Your plan should include balanced meals and snacks to keep you going throughout the day. Making sure that you are following a specific program will prove to be easier than just coming up with your meals along the way.

Additional tips for sticking to a diet and actually succeeding also include:

  • Making smart choices when you go out: if you are having brunch with your loved ones, choose a healthy egg-white omelet and enjoy a mimosa or a bloody mary. Indulging does not mean avoiding all things good.
  • Protein is your bff: and we cannot stress that enough. Make sure that you add a lean protein to every single meal and snack that you have during your day. Not only will it keep you fuller for longer, but will avoid that you overeat or indulge in heavy carbs and sweets.
  • Eat your salad first: as cliché as it may be, eating your healthy greens and the leanest part of a meal first will ensure that you don’t dive right into the bread basket or the fluffy rice platter without any control.
  • Actually enjoy your meal: whether you are eating at home or having a night out, sit at the table and take small bites of your meal. Savor it, enjoy the combination of flavors and textures, this is not only good for your digestive system, but it will make your brain get the idea of being fuller sooner.

There are many other tips for sticking to a diet available online and from a health coach, which will ensure that you are successful on your weight loss journey. Remember that you are not alone, and help is always available.


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