Top Ten Low-Carb Veggies

When you start a diet, you might wonder which low-carb veggies are the best. We know that carbohydrates, in moderation, play a pivotal role in maintaining a balanced diet by providing your body with energy. However, you want to be conscious about your carb consumption in order to lose weight. For that reason, it is advantageous to understand which veggies are low in carbohydrates. The top ten low-carb vegetables include:


  1. Arugula. Rich in phytonutrients, arugula may reduce the risk of stomach, breast, and colon cancer. One cup contains 1g of carbs.
  2. Broccoli Raab. Immune-boosting and a rich source of lutein and zeaxanthin, broccoli raab (also called rapini) may help prevent macular degeneration. Additionally, it is a terrific source of calcium, potassium, and vitamins C and K. One-half cup contains 3g of carbs.
  3. Celery. A surprising source of vitamin C, celery is rich with nutrients that may lower cholesterol and blood pressure and may guard against some kinds of cancer by inhibiting damage from free radicals. Two medium stalks contain 2.5g of carbs.
  4. White Mushrooms. Mushrooms are extremely dense with nutrients that may aid in fighting cancer. They are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients, and may help prevent cardiovascular disease. One-half cup contains 2g of carbs.
  5. Cucumber. The flesh of a cucumber contains vitamins and nutrients that soothe skin inflammations and decrease swelling. Its skin, packed with fiber, magnesium, and potassium can help lower blood pressure. One-half cup contains 2g of carbs.
  6. Iceberg Lettuce. As an excellent source of potassium, iceberg lettuce may lower blood pressure and regulate blood sugar levels. One cup contains 2g of carbs.
  7. Radishes. An ideal source of vitamin C and calcium, radishes are thought to have cancer-fighting properties. One-half cup contains 2g of carbs.
  8. Turnips. Turnips are particularly high in cancer-fighting nutrients and antioxidants, and have anti-inflammatory properties. One-half cup contains 4g of carbs.
  9. Romaine Lettuce. Romaine lettuce is a superb source of beta-carotene and vitamin C, which work together to inhibit the oxidization of cholesterol. It is also abundantly rich in potassium, which has been shown to lower blood pressure. One cup contains 1.5g of carbs.
  10. Asparagus. Asparagus is an excellent source of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nutrients. It may decrease the risk of heart disease and can regulate blood sugar since it is rich in fiber and B vitamins. Both play a crucial role in the metabolism of sugar and starches. One-half cup contains 3.5g of carbs.


Vegetables are a healthy source of carbohydrates because the fiber and vitamins keep you feeling full and provide longer-lasting energy. Low-carb vegetables are an ideal healthy choice for any diet based on the amount of nutrients provided with fewer calories.

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