What Foods to Avoid with Diabetes

what foods to avoid with diabetes

These are the foods to look out for if you’re living with diabetes.

Diabetes is a disease that affects millions of adults and children all over the United States. If diabetes is not treated correctly, or controlled, it can have serious side effects on the body that can not only lead to blindness but also many complications. There isn’t one specific type 2 diabetes diet but those living with diabetes should certainly understand what foods to avoid with diabetes. Eating right and staying active are two great ways to keep your body in line with blood sugar levels and overall health. Continue reading to learn about out list of diabetes foods to avoid.

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Carbohydrates are one of the foods that have the greatest impact on blood sugar levels. Carbs can include foods like sugars, fibers and starches but fiber is the best type of carb because it isn’t absorbed into the body in the same way and therefore doesn’t affect blood sugar levels. When too many carbs are ingested it can cause spikes in blood sugar levels and prolonged high levels of blood sugar can damage nerves and blood vessels. The best way to manage diabetes is to avoid foods that aren’t recommended as part of a type 2 diabetes diet. Here is our list of what foods to avoid with diabetes:


Especially fruit juice. Fruit juice can have effects on the blood sugar similar to those of soft drinks and other sugary drinks. Sometimes fruit juice can have even higher levels of sugar and carbs than soft drinks. The problem with juice is that it has fructose which is the type of sugar that causes insulin resistance and can lead to complications such as heart disease and obesity.


We all love them, but should try and avoid them. French fries are high in carbs and deep fried. The combination of the two can alter the risk of heart disease and cancer and should be avoided.

Dried Fruit

Although dried fruit may seem like a healthy grab and go snack since it has many vitamins and has potassium but it also has a very high sugar content. Dried fruit has a higher amount of sugar than regular fruit because of the drying process and the concentration of nutrients.

Flavored Coffee

Although coffee alone is great to drink, flavored coffee drinks are one of the main diabetes foods to avoid because they are basically a dessert because of their high levels of carbs and sugar. Drinking calories also effects blood sugar levels and easy to consume in a liquid form.


Not every cereal should be avoided but sweetened cereals are one of the worst ways to begin your day. When it comes to what foods to avoid with diabetes, think cereals. They have very little nutritional value and are highly processed. Instead opt for cereal that is protein based and can leave you feeling full longer


Not just bread but white bread, pasta and rice are more diabetes foods to avoid. It’s difficult to avoid bread, rice and pasta but they are high carb foods that lead to changes in blood sugar levels. This doesn’t mean bread needs to be completely cut out, try opting for high fiber bread because it can possibly even help regulate blood sugar levels instead of spike them.

Soft Drinks

Sugar sweetened drinks are the worst possible thing to keep in a type 2 diabetes diet. If you have diabetes, stop drink soda because it is high in carbs and fructose that can not only create high blood sugar levels but also promote insulin resistance, a fatty liver, belly fat and high cholesterol levels.

Speaking to your doctor about what to eat and what not to eat is another great options because they are aware of your body and your symptoms and can help you lead a healthy lifestyle.




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