8 Summer Skin Care Tips

summer skin care tips

Taking care of yourself should be on your priority list and these summer skin care tips will help you feel protected and refreshed even in the hottest months!

Our skin is the largest organ in our body, and even though we are naturally aware of that, we often neglect it. Through the summer months it is imperative to pay close attention to how this part of our body reacts and behaves in order understand its needs. These summer skin care tips will get you ready for the new season, while keeping your skin protected.

As with any other care regime, this is not based solely on beauty or looks, but in actually maintaining – and even improving – the health of our skin. There are many summer skin care products available, but it is important to know that what works for one, does not necessarily work for all.

Understanding your skin’s needs and changes is easy, and you can develop your own summer skin care routine that will be able to offer the protection necessary during these hotter months (we are looking at you, SPF 50!)

As part of the best summer skin care tips we have rounded up the ones that will allow your skin to breath, get it refreshed, protect it and soothe it. These include:

Exfoliate for clear, smooth skin: the process of exfoliating removes dead skin cells, dull skin, fatty debris, unclogs pores and removes unwanted congestion from your skin, allowing it to breath and improve its hydration, while removing all those pesky factors that could lead to rashes, acne, white and black heads, etc.

Don’t forget to hydrate: just as you obtain renewed skin through exfoliating, one of the best summer skin care products you can use is a good hydrating lotion. Dermatologists recommend using lighter water-based versions for hotter climate in order to avoid build-up on your skin. Toners, water sprays and boosters are all a great way to refresh throughout the day.

As an extra hint, keep your mist or spray bottle inside your icepack or cooler for an extra dose of “aahh!” after being in the sun for long.

Make H2O your best bud: being outdoor more often means being more active, and under warmer temperatures it is important to stay hydrated on the inside as well. Drinking plenty of water will not only rehydrate you after a day of fun in the sun, but it will help your body filter and detox.

SPF at all times when outside: Doctors and Specialists alike agree that this is the most important part of your summer skin care routine. SPF 3o+ up to 70 is ideal for these time of the year, offering UVB and UVA protection. The key is to be consistent and thorough, and not forgetting to reapply every 2 hours.

Extra protection: just as SPF is highly important, beach umbrellas, straw hats and scarfs are all your best allies whenever you are trying to keep your skin protected. The added bonus is that they are always in style, so you will be extra fashionable while caring for your skin.

Keep make-up to a minimum: during the heat, the last thing you want is oily make-up covering your face. Especially knowing that this leads to clogged pores, rashes, eczema, and overall is not a good look. If necessary try to choose a lightweight water-based foundation or a powder, and preferably containing SPF.

Refresh and replenish: as part of your summer skin care tips, don’t forget to allow time for recovery. After spending a day in the sun, give your skin some much needed soothing with gel-based hydration or a cooling lotion and mask. Aloe Vera is a fantastic aide to soothe overexposed skin.

Don’t forget your lips and feet: spending time outdoors usually means standing, running or frolicking around in the sand, and these are two body parts that we can’t forget on your regime. A good foot rub with repairing balm will prevent cracked heels and give your soles a much needed rest, while a chapstick with SPF will protect your pout from overexposure.







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