How to Get Rid of Blotchy Skin

how to get rid of blotchy skin

Taking care of our skin is essential, and not just beauty related. Learn how to get rid of blotchy skin and what products you should be using right now.

Dealing with uneven skin tone, dry or rough patches, acne and eczema are all things we dread and even fear. The possibility of having scars after some time or not being able to control the problem sounds, in essence, like a nightmare. But, what if you could learn how to get rid of blotchy skin?

Because no two cases are ever the same, the causes of blotchy skin can be wide and varied. In many cases it could be caused by an inappropriate hygienic routine, while others may have to do with allergies, hormonal changes, what we eat, stress, etc.

People go to extreme lengths trying to find the right way of how to get rid of blotchy skin, sometimes not even knowing that the answer is really not too complicated.

Using niacinamide for blotchy skin is a fantastic way of improving the health of your skin and seeing actual results in a short amount of time.

Niacinamide is essentially a type of Vitamin B – more specifically Vitamin B3 – which is actively used in many skin care products.

While not everyone is aware of it, niacinamide benefits are so many that it actually does a lot more than just get rid of blotchy, uneven skin. It is a form of treatment that has the capacity of improving the health of your skin in the long term.

How to get rid of blotchy skin using niacinamide starts with the wonderful properties this Vitamin has. For starters, it is a highly powerful anti-inflammatory, it is an anti-aging agent and it provides a significant amount of moisture. And these are just some of the niacinamide benefits.

When applying niacinamide for blotchy skin it is advised to use it on a day or night cream for best results. Thankfully, a large number of beauty products of super-easy access contain this master ingredient, and are available in many drugstores, pharmacies and beauty stores around the world.

If found in a pure serum, which is also available, a few drops can be mixed for your favorite moisturizer or your daily sunscreen.

Now, on to the niacinamide benefits. This wonderful ingredient will not only help you get rid of blotchy, dull skin, but it will also brighten up your complexion and gently even out texture and changes in coloration.

Additionally, niacinamide will help by:

  • Boosting your skin’s immunity: by enhancing the performance of the Langerhans cells, which are responsible for protecting and repairing our skin after it has been exposed to external factors (i.e.: the sun) and creating the natural barrier that kicks out bacteria and microbes.
  • Regulating your skin’s natural oil flow: niacinamide provides subtle moisture to dehydrated skin, but it also balances out the oily one. Is a miracle worker that has the ability of enhancing the natural flow of oil until the skin is controlled and with a well-functioning lipid barrier.
  • Minimizing lines and wrinkles: because it boots the natural production of collagen and elastin.
  • Eliminating hyper-pigmentation: as it reduces the slow process of the melanin to the epidermis of the skin, thus eliminating the unevenness of colors.
  • Protecting the skin from infrared lighting: especially from the infrared heat that comes from the sun. Niacinamide protects the skin from the free radicals and overproduction of pigmented cells that are triggered by the UV exposure.
  • Repairing sallow skin: super packed with antioxidants, it has the power of reversing the visible sings brought by oxidative stress in our skin and improves the skin’s ability to fight back.

How to get rid of blotchy skin has become easier than ever with the knowledge of everything niacinamide has the power of doing.

Experts recommend to use a cream or serum that contains at least a good 10% of the active ingredient, and to use it once a day, preferably under your moisturizer and sunscreen for better absorption.


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