Best Air Conditioner Filter for Allergies

best air conditioner filter for allergies

Replacing your home’s air filters can make a huge difference in your health!

Many people suffer from allergies and almost everyone has an air conditioner. Air conditioner filters vary in size, quality and price but do you know which is the best air conditioner filter for allergies? Finding the best air filter for allergies is important especially if you suffer from allergies and have a pet. Not to mention that the best air conditioner filters can also help ease asthma symptoms and other respiratory symptoms. 

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Before giving out the best air conditioner filter for allergies, it’s important to understand how to minimize exposure to certain elements. Continue reading to find out how to minimize exposure to allergens and prep your house for the best air conditioner filters.

How to Minimize Exposure to Allergens

  • Choose flooring that is smooth, or something that is not carpet
  • If you are seriously allergic to animals and have pets, weigh your options regarding your health or your pet
  • If you are seriously allergic to your pet, try keeping them out of the bedroom, off the bed and other furniture to minimize exposure
  • Every season make sure to not only change your air filter but also the ducts
  • Don’t open your windows in the car or at home to avoid allowing certain allergens to enter the house
  • Don’t smoke inside or allow others to smoke inside your home
  • Clean your clothing in hot water to help reduce dust mites
  • Keep up on dusting to avoid the collection of dust on your furniture

If these tips seem difficult, try the tips that are within reason and explain to others the severity of the allergies from which you suffer. Getting friends and family on board is always helpful not only for health but also well-being. The above tips paired with the best air conditioner filter for allergies can make grand changes not only in your home but life.

The Best Air Conditioner Filters

Finding the best air conditioner filter for allergies may seem difficult or expensive. Here we have compiled a list of the best air filter for allergies according to the type of allergies / symptoms.

HEPA Filter – which is actually a type of filter, not a brand name, was developed to stop particles that were radioactive from leaving lab’s during World War II. These filters trap allergens such as pollen, dander from pets, tobacco smoke and dust mites. Make sure to do research about where to purchase a true HEPA filter because many filters claim to be meet HEPA standard but may not actually do so.

MERV Rating – this is another thing to be aware of when it comes to purchasing an air conditioner filter. This scale ranges from 1 – 16 and the higher on the scale, the more the filter catches. Filters that are between 5 and 8 will help collect mold spores, dust mites, pet dander etc. if you have, or need a higher quality filter which can fall between 9 and 12 these types of filters will collect everything between 1 – 8 plus Legionella, Humidifier dust, lead dust and car emission particles. Finally, if you get a filter between 13 and 16 this will capture everything between 1 and 12 as well as most bacteria, germs from sneezing, cooking oil, smoke, insecticides and paint pigments.

In order for the best air conditioner filters to function properly, they must be changed every 1 to 3 months and if you notice that they are collecting a lot of dust and changing color, that’s a sign that it needs to be changed.  To come to a conclusion, the HEPA filter is the best filter out there, but if you are unable to find or purchase a HEPA filter, make sure that you are aware of the MERV rating on the filters that you are purchasing and that the rating covers everything that you need.

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