Best Apps for Weight Loss

best apps for weight loss

Technology can be a great tool – even in weight loss! Here are the top tech tools for getting fit.

We are always looking for easy ways to help us stay on track, watch what we eat and ultimately lose weight. Often times when it comes to the best apps for weight loss you run into Android vs. Apple issue. Here were going to talk about the best weight loss apps 2018 has to offer for both Android and Apple.

MyDiet Coach

MyDiet Coach is a diet tracker that is free but offers a pro version that you have to pay for. It not only gives tips about heart healthy food intake but also is an engaging app. This app allows you to set goals that help you reach your goal while calculating weight loss, diet, and calories consumed and burned as well as water intake.


MyFitnessPal is an app that has been around for a while now and is one of the best free diet apps. It has had a lot of success helping individuals track what they eat and the calories they are consuming. You must create an account and it not only helps you watch what you eat but it also tracks your steps and weight loss/gain. One of the great features about this app is that you are able to scan barcodes of the food that you eat to effectively and easily track calories and food intake. As one of the best apps for weight loss it also come with premium features that you can purchase.

Lose it!

This could be considered one of the best weight loss apps 2018 offers because of its fun and engaging material. You earn badges for each level that you progress in your fitness journey and are able to participate in activities against, or with, your friends that are also on the app. You are expected to track your daily food intake by either entering the information or scanning the bar code. Another great feature about this apps is that it offers information about the best ways to maintain or lose weight as well as DNA based tips that fit you individually.

Better Me

Better Me is an app that is just for women because of how it focuses on the more difficult areas on women to lose weight. It not only offers nutrition plans but also offers workout material through step by step instructions. Better Me states that if you follow their plans effectively you should see results within 28 days. Although it isn’t one of the best free diet apps, you do have a free 7 day trial period. After the 7 day trial period you are able to purchase a lifetime access plan in just one payment.

Weight Loss Fitness

Weight Loss Fitness focuses on each person’s individual body tone and level of fitness. When you join you are able to make a 2 month work out plan with weight tracking. A great feature of this app is that it not only is able to sync with Google Fit but also FitBit allowing for accurate tracking of steps and fitness. As many of the other best apps for weight loss, it offers suggestions for exercises and nutritional tips. When you upgrade to premium you are provided with more workout options and music to accompany it.

Happy Scale

Happy Scale is another one of the best free diet apps allowing you to focus on your weight. It helps you track your progress, look at weekly results, and helps you set goals. It tracks your patterns helping you see possible future results.

Above are just a few of the best weight loss apps 2018. We recommend that you work your way through the free trials and find out which option is best for you. There is not one app that is right for everyone, but there are many options out there! Keep yourself healthy and find something that helps you stay motivated.


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