Best Foods for Diabetes

Best Foods for Diabetes

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Have you been searching for diabetic diet recipes, or trying to find more information on some of the best foods for diabetes? These are common searches when someone is diagnosed with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. Food, diet and physical activity all play an important part in living well with the disease. While there isn’t one specific food you need to completely stay away from, there are foods to avoid with diabetes in terms of eating them in large quantities and every day. Sweets, treats and high carbohydrate foods should be consumed in limited amounts, or on special occasions.

A healthy diabetic diet should consist of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean cuts of meat, fish, and whole grains. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best foods for diabetes and which foods should be eaten on a limited basis only:


Vegetables are a great addition to diabetic diet recipes because they provide necessary fiber into the diet, and are low in fat and salt (when not seasoned or buttered). Some vegetables are considered very starchy (carb-heavy), such as potatoes, corn and peas; eat these in smaller amounts. Fresh vegetables such as kale, arugula, spinach, eggplants, carrots, onions and red peppers are ideal choices. Mix up your cooking style on occasion and serve roasted, grilled, steamed or raw. 


Certain fruits will land on the best foods for diabetics list because they provide vitamins, minerals, fiber and are low in fat. Diabetes patients do need to keep in mind however that fruits typically have a higher carb content than vegetables. This will need to be factored into how much fruit you eat and what type of fruit you choose. Opt for fresh fruit, or canned/frozen options that do not have added sugars. Also, you can try sugar-free jellies and applesauce.

Foods to avoid with diabetes when talking about fruit include heavy sugar packed canned fruit, fruit roll-ups, fruit juices, fruit punch, and regular jelly. If you plan on eating any of these items, consume in small amounts and not on a regular basis.


Everyone needs carbohydrates in their diet for energy, but you want to select your carb-filled food carefully when you are living with diabetes. Some of the best foods for diabetes in this category include brown rice, quinoa, steel cut or old fashioned oatmeal, baked sweet potatoes, and whole grain options.

Items such as white rice, French fries, white bread and options made with white flours should only be consumed in small amounts.


Diabetic diet recipes that call for protein should contain fish, seafood, chicken, eggs, low fat diary options, or turkey. Meatless meals, which contain beans, tofu, nuts and seeds, are also ideal options for diabetics.

When it comes to choosing protein, try limiting items such as pork bacon, fried fish, high fat meats, and regular cheese.

There are so many options someone living with diabetes can add into his or her food planning journey. And, the foods to avoid with diabetes are not specifically foods to cut out completely, but rather foods to eat in limited quantities. Get creative and try different methods of cooking when it comes to diabetic diet recipes. You can find many meal ideas for diabetes at


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