Managing Diabetes with Diet

Managing Diabetes with Diet

Wondering if managing diabetes with diet is possible? Learn more about how food affects your body.

In recent years, we are hearing about more and more people being diagnosed with diabetes. And while a diagnosis can be frightening, a positive piece of information to keep in mind is that some diabetes diagnosis’ can be prevented and some possibly reversed through diet and lifestyle changes. Learning about managing diabetes with diet via nutrition, foods to avoid with diabetes, and how to plan your meals if you are pre-diabetic can help keep your health at optimal levels.

One thing to take notice of if you are pre-diabetic or have been diagnosed with diabetes is your current weight. Even losing between five and ten percent of your current weight can help lower levels of blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure. Being more physically active and losing a few pounds can also help increase your energy, improve your mood and help your body use and/or produce insulin better. It is also wise to pay attention to what you are eating and to create a diabetic diet recipe arsenal that you can use regularly when meal planning.

When considering which diabetic diet recipes to include in your food intake, keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Carbs are not your enemy, although you will hear about them (often in a negative light) when discussing diabetes. Because carbs do affect blood sugar, it is wise to educate yourself about how they will impact levels and which types of carbs should be eaten in smaller amounts. Stick to whole grain carbohydrates that have higher fiber amounts. Fiber slows down digestion rate, which helps keep your blood sugar levels from suddenly spiking.
  1. When you are diagnosed with diabetes you may believe you can never eat sugar again. The truth is, you can still have dessert once in a while and treat yourself. The key is choosing your treats wisely and eating small amounts. There is no one food to avoid with diabetes but rather high sugar or starchy foods should be limited in quantity.
  1. When searching diabetic diet recipes you may come across websites or articles talking about diabetics choosing a high protein diet. Keep in mind your body needs protein, fats and carbs to operate properly and one category should not be cut out. Learn culinary tips and recipes that will keep your diet balanced, and concentrate more on recognizing starchy foods which should be limited rather than removing one category altogether.
  1. Do some research on foods to avoid with diabetes and foods to increase in amount. For example, colorful fresh vegetables and fruits are better than packaged fruit juices. Healthy fats from nuts, flax seeds and avocados are a great addition to a diabetic diet. And fast food, white breads, white rice, and packaged foods should be kept to a minimum.

There are also many delicious substitutions you will learn over time that can help you enjoy foods you love. For example, try riced cauliflower or wild rice instead of white rice. Consider baked sweet potatoes or yams instead of French fries and baked white potatoes. And choose rolled or steel-cut oats instead of instant oatmeal (which tends to spike blood sugar levels).

Figuring out diabetic diet recipes will come with time, and before you know it you will have a healthy recipe Rolodex when it comes time to prepare food. To learn more about managing diabetes with diet, be sure to visit


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