Diabetes Life Hacks that Will Change Everything

diabetes life hacks

Living with Diabetes means that you, sometimes, have to be super resourceful. These diabetes life hacks will help you achieve that calmed state of mind you deserve.

Managing your diabetes can be quite stressful. In fact, some patients even go into “control-freak” mode just to ensure they can maintain their health. But, what if you could learn some diabetes life hacks that could make the managing process a little easier?

We’ve all had to come up with a quick, witty and uncommon solution to daily-life problems every now and then – a life hack! – So, why not apply it to our health whenever it becomes necessary for our own peace of mind?

There are several Type 1 Diabetes tips and tricks that patients have been using  (and sharing!) in order to make things simpler. From using tic-tac boxes to store testing needles, to zip-locking and classifying products of easy access, we’ve gathered the best tips and diabetes food hacks for you to use.

1. Buying in bulk

Buying your glucose tablets in bulk sizes and then dividing them into smaller containers for easy carry and access. Don’t forget to write the quantity and amount of carbs on the tag so you know beforehand what is a safe dose.

2. Waterproofing your instruments

Using a waterproof sports pouch or money belt keeps your measuring instruments safe and dry from the impacts of changing weather, not to mention they are a breeze to take with you on the go!

3. Identifying medicine tubes or vials

As part of the diabetes life hacks this one is super simple. Just add a piece of washi tape or colored duct tape to the vials to differentiate one from the other.

4. Surprise supplies

Type 1 diabetes tips and tricks include being prepared everywhere! So having more than one kit of diabetes meds and instruments stashed in places that you go to the most (car, office, relatives) or suitcases and bags that you use more often can get you out of the door faster than before.

5. Measuring your glass or cup

If you have a favorite drinking cup, you can easily mark it up with a number of ounces. Next time you need a quick drink in order to raise your sugar levels, you just will know how much to pour and how much is safe to ingest.

As part of the best and easiest diabetes food hacks we’ve encountered, these seem to do the trick to keep things stable when you are ready to enjoy a delicious meal:

1. Greek yogurt as replacement

This may be one of the most known diabetes life hacks, especially if you love food. Using greek yogurt as the creamy replacement of foods like mayo, sour cream and even ice cream, adds the same delicious taste – but much healthier – to rich meals like tuna or chicken salad, soups and dips.

2. Avocado as a base

This is one of the best superfoods you can get, because it is so versatile that in can be a part of any recipe, whether it is sweet or savory. Use avocado instead of butter to create delicious breakfast toasts, cakes and even chocolate mousse.

3. Cauliflower king

Another easy to use produce is this flowery veggie, with many recipes using it as the healthy substitute for usually carb-packed meals – think mashed potatoes, fried rice and pizza crust.

Living with diabetes is complex but does not have to be a 24/7 stressful roulette. There are many diabetes life hacks that can help you manage and – thankfully – good patients like to share their experiences in order to help others lead an easier life.

Managing diabetes during cold weather can be easier once you make these tips a part of your routine. Take great care of yourself, but also remember that this is the best time of the year to enjoy and spend time with your friends and loved ones.







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