Diabetes Morning Hacks to Start Your Day

morning hacks to start your day

Living with Diabetes means you need to develop a smarter plan to carry on with your days. These morning hacks to start your day will have you ready to go in no time!

When you get diagnosed with diabetes your mind may immediately go into overdrive thinking about all the changes you will need to make to manage your new lifestyle. But, with little gradual changes and the use resourceful morning hacks to start your day, you can tackle the issue without all the stress.

Coming up with morning routine life hacks is a quick way of having things ready in no-time so you can be on your way early in the morning without too much fuss. So, if you could have diabetic life hacks to apply in order to make management of the ailment easier, why not use it!

Many diabetes specialists and patients know of these little tips and tricks and are open to sharing them whether during a consultation or even online. Using these morning hacks to start your day will surely save you time and avoid complications when you need to rush.

Making your breakfast the night before

Meal prep may not be for everyone, but something that can whipped in a few minutes and picked up in the morning for a go, is as easy as it gets. Think of overnight oats, chopping and prepping a fruit salad, making an omelet that just needs to be heated. Simple recipes, to simplify your mornings.

Organize and prep your medicines

As part of the morning hacks to start your day, having properly measured, labeled and packed medicine is a great way to be on the road in just a few short minutes. If you want to go the extra mile, have a couple of prepared kits in different places of common access (at home, your car, your office, etc.)

Shopping bigger quantities

Buying your glucose tablets, testing paper, sugar free candies for emergencies and so on, in bulk sizes and then dividing them into smaller containers for easy carry can be a time saver.

Make a check-list

If you tend to be forgetful, one of the best diabetic life hacks is having checklists that you can see first thing in the morning. Checking your blood sugar levels, packing your breakfast and instruments, take your meds before leaving, these are all good reminders for your list.

Protect your kit

Using a waterproof pouch or a weather-resistant belt will keep your instruments and meds protected from the changing effects of the weather during the day, and for months at a time.

Measure what you put in your body

Knowing that what you drink and what you eat is important, is an essential part of a diabetes management plant. Having measuring cups and plates will make it super easy to have the right amount of foods and drinks, whether to have or to take with you every morning.

These morning routine life hacks are intended at simplifying your every-day life without having to compromise your time or your health.

Living with a disease like diabetes can be stressful and complex but that does not mean that you have to be on “control-freak” mode forever. There are many ways that allow you to handle your ailment, while still enjoying life and spending quality time with your loved ones and doing the stuff you love.

It is important, however, to understand that whatever decision you take when it comes to handling your diabetes, should be consulted with your doctor or specialist, in order to maintain a good record of all the changes and how these affect you.

Certain things that are aimed at making your lifestyle better and less stressful are not necessarily life-treating or pose a danger to the way you manage your diabetes, but it will certainly make it easier to include if you know these are the right ones for you.




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