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Glucose Meter

Clinical Definition

A glucose meter is a device used by diabetics at home to test their own blood glucose levels. Readings are often taken several times daily. These data help track blood glucose control in the short term; in contrast, A1C is a laboratory test that reflects blood glucose levels over recent months, a longer-term measure.

In Our Own Words

A glucose meter, also called a glucose monitoring device, is a battery-operated meter that helps those with diabetes keep a daily record of their blood glucose, or blood sugar, levels. Blood testing two to four times throughout a day is common. Users prick the finger and place a drop of blood on a special strip, which then ”reads” your blood sugar with the help of the electronic meter. Common testing times are before meals and at bedtime. A health care provider should give advice on testing times, goals for the levels, and levels that fall outside of the normal pattern.

Symptoms and Side Effects

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