Healthy Alternatives for Halloween Treats

Healthy Alternatives for Halloween Treats

Healthy alternatives for Halloween treats and ideas that can give a new side to Halloween fun.

Are you searching for some healthy Halloween treats to hand out on trick or treat or some candy alternatives for Halloween? Here are some healthy alternatives for Halloween treats and ideas that can give a new side to Halloween fun. Halloween in theory seems like a great, fun holiday but when it comes to the amount of sugar that is consumed on Halloween and the rate of childhood obesity, many parents think twice about what they allow their kids to have. Here we will give some ideas for healthy candy alternatives for Halloween. 

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1. Pretending it doesn’t exist is the best way to keep your youngsters from indulging in all of that Halloween candy. This method though, only works for a few years before they start asking and begging to not only participate but also attend trick or treat nights out.

2. Create a sort of mythical creature that trades some of their candy for other objects or foods to help reduce the amount of candy intake. This mythical creature can be like the tooth fairy that leaves quarters for some of the candy or that leaves more healthy snacks in place of all of the candy received on Halloween.

These first two options don’t have a lot to do with healthy alternatives for Halloween treats but they are creative ways to get you thinking about how you can still allow your child to participate but also not consume so much candy over Halloween. Here we’re going to give you a list of healthy Halloween treats to hand out in the neighborhood during trick or treat. Many of the items on our list are candy alternatives for Halloween such as little trinkets and toys that kids wouldn’t normally think they would get but enjoy receiving.

3. Juice Boxes can be a great alternative to candy, just make sure they are organic or low in sugar making it a healthy alternative for Halloween treats. The kids will also most likely get thirsty walking around during trick or treat and can have their juice box when they’re thirsty.

4. Bouncy Balls are things that parents don’t often have around the house but for Halloween they can be a fun little trinket that kids enjoy receiving and using until the parents take them away…

5. Fruit Leather is a great alternative to things like fruit roll ups and even tastes better to some people. They are one of the healthy Halloween treats to hand out this Halloween and introduce your neighbors to.

6. Honey Sticks, I’m sure you never thought about handing these out for Halloween. Not only do they support local farmers but they also have many nutrients for the kids. They are also fun to eat and they will leave the kids coming back for more.

7. Stamps can be found almost anywhere, they would just be missing the ink pad. Kids love to use stamps to stamp things and it’s even better if you can find them with the ink included.

8. Mini flashlights are a great addition to Halloween. Kids are walking around at night and having a mini flashlight can really come in handy when they need to see in the dark.

9. Mustaches are such a funny addition to Halloween. Imagine the young kids of the neighborhood not only dressed up but also wearing fake mustaches. This is a cheap funny addition to Halloween fun

10. Halloween pens are a fun addition to Halloween treats. All of the kids are school age and if they get a fun Halloween pen they can show it off at school the next day.

The list can go on… We hope that this list gives you a few fun ideas for healthy alternatives for Halloween treats and gives the kids in your area a fun new look on candy alternatives for Halloween.

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