8 Tips for Exercising in Cold Weather

tips for exercising in cold weather

Tips for Exercising in Cold Weather. Stay Fit All Year

Can you believe it’s already the holiday season? Winter weather is exciting for many reasons but can be difficult when it comes to exercising. If you’re someone who likes to go for runs or exercise outside, here we will be going over a few tips for exercising in cold weather as well as how to work out in cold weather. It’s never a bad time to exercise but making the right decisions in regards to cold weather exercise is important. Following these 8 tips for exercising in cold weather can help you reduce weight gain during the holidays and keep you fit year round. 

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Tip # 1: The Warm Up

When it comes to cold weather exercise, the warm up, and cool down, are two of the most beneficial parts of how to work out in cold weather. Focus on dynamic stretching before going outside to exercise, allowing you heart rate to warm your muscles. Although you may be accustomed to static stretching, this is not the time to do it, save that for after. This should be the time for warming everything up before heading outside through some light jogging in place, butt kicks and jumping jacks. Anything to get your heart rate rolling.

Tip #2: Speak To Your Doctor

Exercising outside can be hard on your lungs as well as other parts of your body because of the extreme temperature differences. Speak with your doctor about your exercise plans and they may have some specific tips for you and your personal health.

Tip #3: Hydrate

Even though it may not feel like you are sweating as much, hydration is still extremely important during cold weather exercise. Drinking water helps your muscles to continue moving. Make sure to take water with you when you head outside to exercise

Tip #4: Be Prepared

There are a few two things that you may not consider important when it comes to how to work out in cold weather. They are sunscreen and Chap Stick. If there is bright sun, or a lot of snow where you are exercising, applying sunscreen is important not only because of reflection but also to protect your skin from the sun. Chapped lips are also very possible due to harsh, cold winds. Apply Chap Stick before heading out and even take it with you to apply while outside exercising.

Tip #5: Layers

Become an onion through the layers of clothes that you wear. Layers help trap the heat from your body and if you get too warm you can always take layers off. Start with a thin shirt that has wicking material which will help keep water off of your body. After that add other layers ranging from thin to thick in order to trap as much heat as possible.

Tip #6: Cover, Cover, Cover

Make sure to not only cover your ears but also your hands and neck. Keeping your ears warm can prevent ear aches and make you feel much warmer during your exercise. If you get too hot, take your hat or ear covers off for a second, then replace. Wearing a scarf can also help keep your neck and face warm due to your breath hitting the scarf and moving upwards.

Tip # 7: Keep People Updated

One of the important tips for exercising in cold weather is to keep people informed. Let a loved one know where you’re headed and when you plan to be back. Let them know that you will update them when you’re back. This way if something happens, they know where to look for you and will know when you have been out too long.

Tip #8: Stretch

Our last tip related to how to work out in cold weather helps you keep your body moving. Stretching after any type of exercise is important to help with flexibility and prevent soreness. The more you focus on stretching the more often you will be able to work out, weather in cold weather or not.

If you notice that you are having difficulty exercising, speak to a medical professional about it and they will help you decide what changes are necessary to have you exercising better in no time!

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