Back to School Health Tips

back to school tips

Want to start the school year out right? Try these back to school tips for students and parents!

The beginning of the school year is a brand new start for students and parents alike. At, we know how important it is for students to be healthy, well rested, and safe so they can get the most out of their time in school. To help make sure that happens, we have six safety and health back to school tips for students and parents, based on the best advice from the experts.

Back to school tips for students

  1. Always use both straps on your backpack
    A backpack full of schoolbooks can weigh as much as 20 pounds or more! The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that students should always use both straps on backpacks. Slinging one strap over your shoulder may be convenient, but it can strain your shoulder. Better yet, think about getting a rolling backpack instead.
  2. Choose healthy snacks
    It can be tempting to snack on soda or chips when you are at school, particularly if your school offers these choices in the cafeteria. Choosing a healthy snack instead, such as fruit, is one of the most important back to school tips for students because making better food choices can help you concentrate so you can do better at school, keep your weight at a healthy level, and may even improve your mood!
  3. Join a club or team
    One of the most enjoyable back to school tips for students is to join a club or team at school this year. You can join the drama club, band, soccer team or any other activity you choose – if you are not sure what you are interested in, try different things until you find something you are passionate about. The important thing is to get involved, because it allows you to spend time doing something you enjoy. As a bonus, studies show that joining teams and clubs can help you get better grades and improve your physical condition, while building relationships with friends who share your interests.

Back to school tips for parents

  1. Establish a healthy sleep routine
    Experts at Johns Hopkins warn that sleep is just as important as diet and exercise when it comes to maintaining the health of your child. The recommended amount of sleep for children is 10 to 13 hours for 3-5 year olds, 9 to 11 hours for 6-13 year olds, and 8 to 10 hours for teens. In preparation for school, move bedtime an hour earlier each night, starting the week before school starts, until students are back on schedule. Turn off tablets and digital devices an hour before bedtime, and have students read a chapter of a book instead.
  2. Set up healthy meal planning
    Setting up healthy meal planning may be one of the most important back to school tips for parents, as the Centers for Disease Control has stated that one in five of school age children now qualify as obese. Before school schedules put you under a time crunch, discuss healthy meal planning with your children. Make sure you have healthy, easy to fix meals that can be grabbed in a hurry, and stock your fridge and kitchen with healthy snacks like nuts, carrot sticks, string cheese, and fruit.
  3. Talk to your children about bullying
    Bullying remains a problem for students of all ages, both in-person and cyber-bullying. Talk to your children about the importance of letting you know if they or someone they know is being bullied. Be alert for signs of anxiety, depression, academic problems, or self-harming behavior as these may be indications that your child is being targeted by bullies.

Following these tips is one way to get school year off to a great start. For more tips on healthy living, you can always rely on, for delicious low-calorie recipes, easy exercise tips, and other information on healthy lifestyles.





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