7 Best Exercises for Diabetics

Best Exercises for Diabetics

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Exercise for diabetes patients is an important aspect of staying healthy. When it comes to diabetics who are seeking to incorporate exercise into their life, the American Diabetes Association recommends both strength training and aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise helps improve your circulation, can relieve stress and can also help lower your blood glucose. On the other hand, strength training can make your body more sensitive to insulin, helping you lower your blood sugar. No matter which exercise option you choose, there is no denying that incorporating physical activity will improve your health. So, what are the best workouts for people with diabetes? Here are our top 7 favorite options:

Adding walking to your life is simple and offers incredible health benefits. While it is recommended you should get 30 minutes of exercise a day if possible, you may not have time for a 30-minute walk. Studies show even ten minutes of moderate exercise, several times a day, can offer the same health benefits. There are even walk-at-home workout videos for seasons when the weather outside is anything but pleasant!

  1. Weight training is an ideal workout for people with diabetes, and it can help you improve your blood glucose levels. Muscle mass is important when living with the disease, as patients who have less of it often have a more difficult time controlling blood sugar. You can weight train at your local gym or YMCA, or if you are disciplined to workout at home, invest in some free weights. Then, put on some music, or use the weights while you watch your favorite television show (instead of just sitting down).
  2. Taking a spin on a bicycle or stationary indoor bike is another great exercise that can help you lose weight and possibly improve blood sugar. Did you know the average person could burn 300 calories or more in 30 minutes of working out on a stationary bike? Again, feel free to do this in shorter spurts if you don’t have the time for a full 30 minute workout all at once. Or, if you are a beginner, start with just a few minutes and increase over time.
  3. De-stressing with yoga is another wonderful exercise for diabetes patients. Not only can yoga help you tone up, become more flexible and decrease your body fat, but it can help you fight insulin resistance. This exercise option is truly beneficial in some many ways, and people of all ages and fitness levels can partake!
  4. Is there a dance, Jazzercise, kickboxing or martial art class you have always wanted to try? If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, now could be the ideal time to test it out. Classes can make exercise more fun, and can inspire people to workout more often.
  5. With spring and summer on its way, getting outdoors to hike is one of the best exercises for diabetes. Depending on the level of the hike, the average 160-lb person can burn up to 450 calories in an hour! Grab a friend, or your furry pal and head to the great outdoors.
  6. Love to garden? Some people may not be aware but gardening can be an ideal workout for people with diabetes. Not only does it get you outdoors and moving, but depending on what type of gardening you are doing, up to 340 calories an hour can be burned!

There are many options when it comes to exercise for diabetes patients. And now, with warmer weather rolling in through many parts of the country, you may want to incorporate the outdoors into your workout routine. Start a walking group with your neighbors, go for a hike on the weekend, or take to a nearby lake or waterway for kayaking or canoeing. To learn more about some of the best exercises for diabetes, visit www.BetterHealthKare.com


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