Best Food for Diabetes Control

best food for diabetes control

Here are a few foods to incorporate into your diet to help you best manage your diabetes.

Figuring out what to eat on a daily basis can be difficult, but even more difficult for someone with diabetes. Finding the best food for diabetes control doesn’t have to be difficult but following a plan can be. The main goal of diabetes control is to keep blood sugar levels controlled and eat foods that can help maintain the control. On top of that, there are many types of food to prevent diabetes and even reduce the risk of complications related to diabetes. Here we’re going to give you a list of some of the best options for best food for diabetes control.

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Shirataki Noodles

If you’ve never heard of shirataki noodles then you’re in for a treat. These noodles are high in fiber and made from root. They’re a native plant to japan that is processed to look like noodles and can help diabetics maintain blood sugar levels and reduce risk of disease complications. Next time you’re in the super market take a look for Shirataki noodles and try something new!


What is ACV? Apple cider Vinegar is a vinegar that has become very popular because of its many health benefits. ACV not only helps keep you from getting sick but also can play a role in blood sugar levels and with weight loss. It can be taken daily mixed with water and honey, use one teaspoon of cold ACV as a morning wake up shot. Before you know it you’ll be noticing the benefits.


Broccoli, not to be confused with a leafy green is a vegetable that is high in alkaline, contains little calories and is high in magnesium. Broccoli all around is a great addition to meals and snacks because it is considered a food to prevent diabetes and help maintain it. It helps prevent against disease complications because of diabetes and can be consumed in many different ways.


If you don’t eat many eggs, it’s time to begin. Eggs are great for many different types of health benefits. They are one way how to reduce risk of diabetes as well as help with keeping you from feeling hungry for a part of the day. Eggs are great for your heart and although they do contain cholesterol, if you don’t over eat eggs (more than 6 eggs a week) you won’t have a problem. Eggs are considered one of the best food for diabetes control because they can help with blood sugar levels and keep the body healthy.

Fatty Fish

Fatty fish is fish that is high in omega-3 acids that benefit the heart and the body. Fatty fish can include salmon, sardines, herring, anchovies and mackerel and can be considered one of the best food for diabetes control. Not to mention that fatty fish is high in protein allowing you to feel full longer. Fatty fish and leafy greens (below) both help with artery function and reduction of inflammation in the body.

Leafy Greens

Green vegetables are some of the best additions to a meal. They are not only nutritious but also low in calories. The best types of leafy green food to prevent diabetes or help control it is spinach and kale. They are full of vitamins and can help with inflammation. When it comes to how to reduce risk of diabetes, fill your diet with as much leafy greens as possible to help your body stay healthy!

Before making major diet changes, be sure to speak to your doctor or nutritionist about your plans. Knowing which foods are best for you can help you maintain a healthy weight and diet. Eating right mixed with exercise can reap even more benefits. Use our list of the best food for diabetes control to find new recipes, you may surprise yourself!


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