Eating Whole Grains Can Reduce Risk of Diabetes, Study Shows

reduce risk of diabetes

Tips Related to How To Prevent Diabetes Naturally

You may be wondering what you can do to reduce risk of diabetes, new studies show that one of the best types of food to prevent diabetes are whole grains. Type 2 diabetes is a condition that develops in your body when your blood sugar, also called glucose, levels rise to a level that is higher than average. Type 2 diabetes is the most common type of diabetes and affects the insulin in your body. If you have developed type 2 diabetes then your body is no longer able to use insulin correctly which can be referred to as insulin resistance.

Here we are going to focus on how to prevent diabetes naturally and reduce the risk of diabetes through diet and healthy lifestyle choices.

Study Shows: Food to Prevent Diabetes

A study conducted in Denmark at the Chalmers University of Technology focused on the consumption of whole grains in order to reduce risk of diabetes. The people observed in this study ate things such as rye bread, oatmeal and muesli and the results came back that it doesn’t seem to matter what type of whole grain you are eating, they all represent how to prevent diabetes naturally or at least lower your risk.

The participants in this study were placed into four groups that reflected the amount of whole grains they were eating. Those who were eating the highest amount of whole grains ate around 50 grams a day which equals out to a bowl of oatmeal and a slice of wholegrain bread.  The results were fantastic, the group that ate the largest amount of whole grains daily had a much lower risk for developing diabetes than those who weren’t eating much whole grains. The risk was 34 percent lower in men and 22 percent lower in women.

Thanks to this specific study we know that whole grains is one of the best types of food to prevent diabetes. That doesn’t mean that you should overeat on whole grains, because if you look at the results of the study, the group that was eating the “larger” amount of whole grains daily only ate around 50 grams a day.  Try adding whole grains to your diet, if you don’t already have them, by eating a piece of rye bread toast in the morning or a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. You could substitute rye bread for your sandwich bread instead of eating white.  Small changes in your diet is how to prevent diabetes naturally.

Here Are 11 Whole Grains You Could Add to Your Diet:

  1. Whole wheat – Make sure it’s 100% whole wheat
  2. Whole Oats – Make sure you’re buying unsweetened whole oats
  3. Brown Rice – You could also choice wild rice as an alternative
  4. Whole Rye – Is Full of nutrients but make sure you’re buying whole rye
  5. Freekeh – Arabian grain that has more fiber than brown rice and acts as a probiotic
  6. Whole grain Barley – not only helps reduce risk of diabetes but also helps with cholesterol levels. Make sure you’re buying whole grain barley not pearled
  7. Buckwheat – Great substitute for pancakes! Also is great for those who are celiac’s
  8. Bulgur – Used in tabbouleh and also contains iron, fiber and protein.
  9. Quinoa – more protein than any other grain
  10. Whole wheat Couscous – Make sure you’re buying the whole wheat kind
  11. Corn – Make popcorn!

If you are concerned that you run the risk of developing diabetes, make sure to speak to a medical professional about your concerns. Diet plays a major role in the development of diabetes but so can genes. Watch what you eat, exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to stay diabetes free!



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