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Get up and get moving

What will it take for you to get up and get moving already?

What will it take for you to get up and get moving already?

Feeling less than motivated to work out? It happens, even to the most enthusiastic exercisers, from time to time. Here are a few ideas that may boost your drive to stick to fitness efforts. Money talks. Consider buying fitness class sessions or exercise experiences on a social saving site, such as Groupon or LivingSocial. Once

food for thought

Food for thought

Keeping your brain in the best health possible is important. As you age, so does your brain, and you may experience what’s called cognitive decline. Basically, your brain doesn’t work as well as it previously did. Some cognitive decline is normal, but some you can prevent. Although no certain diet is best for brain health,

Reading food labels

How to use Food labels

Serving size Serving size is how much you’re supposed to eat. All the facts on the label are based on the serving size. Servings for different brands of the same food are the same size. For example, all brands of macaroni and cheese list a serving as “1 cup.” This makes it easier to compare

Measuring waist

3 at Home Health Checks you should do regularly

Measure your mid-section — at the level of your belly button. Make sure you’re not holding your breath at the time. You may be at a higher risk of Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart disease if you’re a male with a waist greater than 40 inches in diameter, or if

Health Problems

10 Visible Signs Indicating a Health Problem

Whether they are symptoms you can see or a visible indication of a condition that increases your likelihood of having a problem, you can use these signs to make better health decisions. Take a look at these ten visual clues:   Legs That Are Short in Proportion to Your Upper Body   How could the

After the Pill: What Happens To Your Body

Birth control pills are a popular form of birth control in the United States.  In fact, some research has shown that it is the most popular form. There are many reasons why this is the case. Oral contraceptives, or “the Pill”, are associated with lighter, more regular periods, less severe PMS symptoms, and clearer skin.

Thyroid Disorders: What Women Should Know About Getting a Diagnosis

Fatigue, sensitivity to heat or cold, unexplained weight loss or weight gain, memory issues, and irritability are just a few of the constellation of unusual symptoms associated with a malfunctioning thyroid. Disproportionately affecting women, who make up 80 percent of all cases, this poorly understood group of disorders can be notoriously difficult to diagnose; many

How Sunburns Can Affect Your Health

From premature aging to various forms of skin cancer, recent decades have brought much greater awareness of the health risks associated with getting too much sun. However, far too many Americans still find themselves giving in to the temptation of a short-term beauty fix, neglecting the sunscreen, or simply underestimating just how damaging ultraviolet (UV)