The Importance of Diabetes Foot Care

diabetes foot care

These helpful tips and tricks for diabetes foot care can help prevent complications that may develop into risky health situations.

While living with diabetes is super manageable, it is important to remember that this disease is one that could come with many complications if not handled properly. The possibility of nerve damage, circulation problems and infections are just some of the reasons why diabetes foot care is extremely important. 

Another factor that could be potentially harmful is that, diabetes reduces the flow of blood on your feet, making even a small cut difficult to heal and actually increasing the possibility of getting an infection.

Diabetes foot care tips can help take care of your extremities, while preventing the appearance of any complication that may compromise your wellbeing.

In addition to knowing how to take proper care of your feet, using appropriate diabetic food care products is a great way to relieve the pressure, relax and give a much needed rest to your soles.

Your Doctor or Specialist will probably suggest some of the following tips and tricks for diabetes foot care. The great thing is that these are easy to follow, virtually take no time and will easily become part of a daily routine, having you ready to go right after.

The best diabetic foot care tips include:

  • Check your feet thoroughly on a daily basis: you will want to check for any cuts, bruises, sore spots, calluses, sudden or inexplicable changes in coloration, or any breakage of skin. If you notice something different on your sole, ball of your foot or between your toes, you should report it to your doctor immediately.
  • Bathe in lukewarm water, never too hot: using water that would be ideal to bathe a newborn (so you can have a clear idea) allows for a more natural body temperature. Remember that drastic changes in temperature are never good for a diabetic foot.
  • Keep your feet dry and warm: after washing your feet – a practice that should be done daily – it is important to dry your feet thoroughly to avoid any bacteria or fungus buildup. The best diabetic foot care products include these options of warm, fuzzy, socks that are still very breathable in order to provide an extra protection.
  • Moisturize your feet but never between your toes: just as important as keeping your feet dry is, keeping them moisturized helps prevent skin breakage and sores that can lead to infections. Avoid the area between the toes, as moisture there could encourage the development of fungal infections.
  • Take care of your nails: don’t forget to carefully trim your nails and keep them clean. This prevents infections and ulcers that could be harmful. Just avoid cutting them too short to prevent any ingrown corners. Any changes in nail coloration should be reported to your doctor.
  • Wear appropriate shoes: remember that you want to prevent diminished circulation, so avoid tight, not-breathable, too-flat or uncomfortable shoes at all costs.
  • Rely on the use of insoles and cushions whenever necessary: just like it is important to pay attention to your circulation, these items help the pressure and stability of your feet while providing relief and support during long walks.
  • Give them a good rest: whenever you are home or in a place that allows you to rest, keep your feet up to help the blood flow and give your soles and ankles a good rest.

The majority of diabetic foot care products are easily available in pharmacies and drugstores nationwide. Shopping online is also a great way to find some of these products, because many specialized retailers actually sell products specifically designed for diabetes management, and can be found in many parts of the world.

Like caring for your diabetes on a daily basis, whenever you monitor your sugar levels and take your medications, including diabetes foot care is essential in keeping your health in balance and avoiding any risk or complication.



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