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Kidney Cancer

Clinical Definition Kidney cancer, or renal cancer, is rarely accompanied by symptoms in the very early stages. As it progresses, various symptoms may appear, including fatigue, unexplained weight loss, blood in the urine and persistent pain in the back, just below the ribs. Treatment options include nephrectomy (i.e., kidney removal, total or partial), radiation, chemotherapy,

Kidney Failure

Clinical Definition Kidney failure is often the final stage of chronic kidney disease, and it’s the point where kidneys can no longer do their job of eliminating waste products from the body. Diabetes and hypertension can impair kidney function, leading to chronic kidney disease (CKD). When CKD develops, the focus is on managing it with

Kidney Failure

Clinical Definition Kidney stones, or renal calculi, are small, hard ”rocks” that form when chemicals in urine become so concentrated they form solid crystals. If the stones become large, they can lodge in the urinary tract, leading to blockage, infection and severe pain. Most people affected have a chemical blood abnormality or a urine abnormality

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