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Kegel Exercises

Clinical Definition Kegel exercises are a type of pelvic floor training, which is intended to strengthen the pubococcygeal muscle. It involves the alternating contraction and relaxation of the muscles of the pelvic floor. Kegel exercises are often recommended in order to prevent urinary incontinence. In Our Own Words Kegel exercises strengthen weak pelvic floor muscles


Clinical Definition Keloids are raised, reddish (or purple) areas that form at the site of injury. In normal wound healing, fibroblasts begin multiplying to heal the wound, but in keloids, they over-multiply and continue to form irregular mounds of scar tissue. In Our Own Words Keloids are scars that form when certain cells overproduce to

Keratosis Pilaris

Clinical Definition Keratosis pilaris is a condition of the skin in which hair follicles are blocked by keratin, a protein in the skin, resulting in lesions commonly distributed on extensor aspects of the proximal limbs. Exacerbation during winter months is common. In Our Own Words Keratosis pilaris is a skin condition that looks like goose


Clinical Definition Ketones are compounds produced for energy use when the body runs out of glucose or carbohydrates; or when levels of glucose are excessively high but cannot be used or stored as glycogen in the liver, such as in type 1 diabetes mellitus. In Our Own Words When your body isn’t getting adequate energy

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