The Best Sweeteners for Low Carb Diets

the best sweeteners for low carb diets

The Best Tasting Sweeteners for Low Carb Diets

Low carb diet, such as the Keto Diet don’t allow for much consumption of carbohydrates which can make it difficult when it comes to drinking coffee, baking and cooking. With the rising popularity of low carb diets, keto sweeteners are becoming easier to come by. Here we’re going to talk not only about the best sweeteners for low carb diets but also the best tasting low carb sweetener.

Low Carb Diet: Keto Diet

The Ketogenic diet is a low carb, high in fat diet that can help you lose weight. When you participate in the keto diet, you cut down on your intake of carbohydrates and replace it with fat. What you do to your body by cutting down on the carbs and adding fat creates a metabolic state that is called ketosis, hence where the diet got its name.

When your body is in ketosis, it is able to burn fat at a high rate and use it for energy. Not to mention that during this metabolic state the fat in your liver are turned into ketones which can help give your body and brain energy. Another positive benefit of the ketogenic diet is that due to what you’re eating, you reduce the amount of sugar in your blood helping protect your body from diabetes.

Here is Our List of The Best Sweeteners for Low Carb Diets

Stevia – Stevia is used as a sugar substitute and is considered to be non-nutritive. There are various brands and forms of Stevia that can either come in powder or liquid form. Make sure that you try different forms of Stevia to find out whether it’s the best tasting low carb sweetener for you or not.

Erythritol – This is a sugar alcohol that doesn’t affect the level of sugar in the blood. It can be found naturally in fruits and vegetables. It’s recommended to not consume large amounts of erythritol because it can cause stomach pain if too much is consumed.

Monk Fruit – This is a fruit that is native to countries in Asia such as China and Thailand. It’s very sweet, much sweeter than sugar and in Chinese medicine has been used to treat diabetes. When purchasing Monk Fruit, try to buy it pure, and take a look at the ingredients, especially when it comes to finding the right keto sweeteners.

Xylitol – This is another sugar alcohol that can be found in fruits and vegetables. It’s one of the best sweeteners for low carb diets because it tastes like sugar but has less calories. As anything, Xylitol should be used in moderation because even the best tasting low carb sweetener can cause issues with the stomach when too much is consumed.

Yacon Syrup – This comes from a tuberous root in South American and is used as an extract. It is similar to molasses and has anti-diabetic properties. This type of sugar substitute has numerous health benefits, but when consumed in moderation.

Tagatose – This is another sugar substitute that comes from dairy products, fruit and cacao. It’s similar to Erythritol and can caramelize just like sugar!

Freeze-Dried Berry Powder – This is one of the best tasting low carb sweeteners because fruit powders add a lot of flavor to what you’re making and is low in carbs. Not to mention that since it is made from real fruits, it’s high in nutritional value.

And the list can go on.. One that we didn’t add to our list is Dark Chocolate, saved the best for last. Make sure if you are choosing to eat Dark Chocolate and use it as a sweetener, it has over 75% cacao.

We recommend that you try out the different sweeteners to find which is best for you. Make sure that you are reading labels and choosing the best, healthiest sweetener that is made from natural products.


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