Traveling with Diabetes: 6 Tips

Traveling with Diabetes

Plan on doing some traveling with diabetes? Let us help you stay healthy with these six tips.

Traveling typically involves a degree of planning, and adding diabetes into the mix adds another level of preparation. Whether you are traveling by car, train or airplane, there are certain precautions and arrangements you should make before you leave home. Any type of travel has the ability to interfere with your regular food schedule and activity level, but with a little effort before your trip takes place, you can help prevent blood sugar issues while away. Let’s take a closer look at these six tips to practice when traveling with diabetes:

  1. Be Aware of Airplane Medication Rules – One of the top questions asked by those traveling via airplane is “how to travel with insulin?” According to TSA, all diabetes-related supplies, medications (even liquids), and equipment are allowed through checkpoints. You will want to mention these beforehand and also keep them separate from other belongings.
  1. Plan Your Travel Supplies and Packaging – Curious how to travel with insulin? For starters, when traveling with diabetes, it is important to keep your insulin from getting too cold (frozen) or too hot. To prevent this, look for an insulated bag you can use specifically during vacation or traveling. In addition, always bring extra medical supplies and medication. Different countries use various types of medication or you may not be able to access medication in more remote areas. Last, you can ask your physician for a written prescription for any medication you may need in case of an emergency.
  1. Don’t Discount Extra Snacks – Long trips in the car, a delay in flying (that results in sitting on the tarmac), or extended flights with little meal options calls for some pre-planning in the snack department. Keep snacks in your carry-on or purse so you can easily access them. Items such as whole grain crackers, mixed nuts and granola, or peanut butter and sliced apples are some snacks you might want to consider.
  1. Keep Your Routine in Mind – People who are vigilant regarding their diabetes care typically keep some type of routine. Traveling has a way of throwing off one’s routine, especially if a long day of traveling is involved, or you are flying to other countries and time zones. Think ahead regarding what your travel day entails, what ways you can stick to a semi-normal routine, and how you will combat long periods of time if you have limited access to food.
  1. Stay on Top of Your Blood Sugar – Traveling with diabetes has a way of impacting the body at times. Whether you are wondering does flying affect blood sugar, or will the change in physical activity cause a change in levels, here are a few things to remember. Sitting down for long periods of time, and a lack of physical activity may increase blood sugar in some people. In addition, schedule changes and not having access to your typical food/meals may also alter levels. Be sure to check your glucose levels regularly while you are traveling.
  1. Consider Extra Supplies – Traveling can occasionally comes with delay, unexpected layovers, and long days (or nights). Remember the following when packing for your trip: Testing strips, extra syringes, batteries, pump supplies, alcohol swabs, glucose tablets, first aid kit, finger sticks, and an extra glucose meter, if possible.

By implementing a few of these traveling with diabetes tips, you can focus on your exciting plans and have a stress-free trip. To find out more about diabetes, including foods, diet, and other travel tips, visit


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