5+ Benefits of Coconut Water

benefits of coconut water

Is Coconut Water Really That Good For You? Actually, Yes!

How do you feel about coconut water? Is it something that you drink regularly and enjoy the taste of or is it something that you find disgusting. How ever you feel about this drink, it’s a good bet that you see it everywhere and are aware of the potential benefits of coconut water.

Coconut Water is the liquid found inside immature coconuts, which are green due to their immaturity. It is not to be confused with coconut milk because coconut water comes from the coconut whereas coconut milk is a mixture of coconut meat and water.

The most common benefits of coconut water are hydration and lowering blood pressure and sugar. It works because it has many carbohydrates and electrolytes. The electrolytes include potassium, sodium and magnesium which are all especially beneficial in the treatment/prevention of dehydration.

Continue reading to learn about other benefits of coconut water such as the benefits of coconut water for skin and coconut water benefits for hair.

Main Benefits of Coconut Water

  1. Level of Potassium: Coconut water has more potassium than a medium banana. If you are someone who doesn’t like bananas, drinking coconut water is a great way to absorb potassium into your body.
  2. Antioxidants: research shows that the antioxidants in coconut water can protect cells in the body from unstable molecules
  3. Lowers blood sugar: Coconut water contains magnesium which can help in the decrease of blood sugar and help insulin in the body.
  4. Reduces Blood Pressure: due to the potassium found in coconut water, it can help in the process of lowering blood pressure and blood clots.
  5. Hydration: Coconut water not only helps keep the body hydrated but also helps replenish the body after extended exercise such as a sports drink.

Coconut water has many benefits but it’s important to remember that when you drink it, it does have sugar in it as well as carbs. Depending on your diet and your body, you shouldn’t replace all water with coconut water. Everything in moderation…

Coconut Water Benefits for Hair

  • One of the great coconut water benefits for hair is that you can tame the frizz with it. Since coconut water is light, unlike oil and milk, it works as a hydration serum allowing it to shine and strengthen.
  • Another one our favorite coconut water benefits for hair is that it not only helps treat dandruff and dryness but also reduces hair loss. Coconut water has a lot of Vitamin K and Iron which helps you have healthy hair. By adding coconut water to your hair you are allowing it to strengthen.
  • When it comes to dry and flaky hair, coconut water is anti-fungal helping with dandruff and due to all of it’s other qualities it’s a great moisturizer and hydrator for your luscious locks.

Benefits of Coconut Water for Skin

By now you may feel like coconut water is the miracle drink and we have more positive benefits to share about it’s benefits for the skin.

  • One of the best benefits of coconut water for skin is its anti-aging ability.
  • It also fights acne, which is a natural way to heal the skin
  • It can also be used as a face wash and toner for those who have sensitive skin. Use the water instead of your normal toner in the same way.
  • Another one of the best benefits of coconut water for skin is its ability to help with sunburn. It has so many great ingredients that it helps reduce the pain felt when the skin is burnt.

Using coconut water on your skin, hair and body can help with hydration both internally and externally. If you’re unsure about using it to treat your hair or skin, continue drinking it because it’s delicious!





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