5 Lifestyle Changes to Avoid Diabetes Complications

Lifestyle Changes to Avoid Diabetes Complications

Want to learn lifestyle changes to avoid diabetes complications? Here are 5 to consider!

With an estimated 29 million people having diabetes in the United States according to the CDC, it’s no wonder we hear about the disease on a regular basis. If you have witnessed a family member or friend live the disease, you have likely been privy to the necessary daily management that comes along with diabetes. You may even be wondering how to prevent getting the disease yourself. Plus, with just under 100 million adults in  America currently living with prediabetes, learning how to prevent it or its complications is key. So what lifestyle changes for diabetes are among the most important? Here are a few to keep in mind:

Learn how to better react to stress

Did you know that stress releases a cascade of hormones in your body, with some of them directly affecting your blood sugar (by raising it)? Improving one’s reactions to stress and reducing overall stress can be key to keeping blood sugar in its proper range. Diabetes tips for reducing stress include meditation, yoga, mindfulness exercises, hypnotherapy, exercise, or engaging in a hobby to improve your stress levels.

Shed extra pounds

Being overweight is one of the greatest risk factors in being diagnosed with diabetes and could potentially be a factor in complications if you have the disease. Speak to your physician about a weight loss program, or a nutritionist or diabetes educator/specialist in your area. Considering every 2.2 pounds of weight loss can lower your diabetes risk by 16 percent, it is time to take your weight seriously if you are concerned about being diagnosed with the disease.

Get better rest

Do you toss and turn at night, or feel like you never get a good night of rest? Not sleeping well for long periods of time and not having high quality sleep can put you at higher risk for blood sugar issues and obesity. Speak to your physician about your ongoing sleeping issues, or try simple sleep tricks such as cutting caffeine in the early afternoon, avoiding electronic devices before bedtime, taking a warm bath, or meditating.

Let’s get physical

Did you know numerous studies show that resistance training and aerobic exercise can help someone better control their blood sugar? Plus, engaging in regular exercise can help you shed unwanted pounds, keep your blood sugar lower, and help you body become more sensitive to insulin (which may ultimately keep blood sugar in an appropriate range). Consider exercises such as walking, bike riding, swimming, weight training, Pilates or yoga.

Pay attention to your feet

Additional lifestyle changes to avoid diabetes complications revolve around caring for your feet properly. Infection and amputation are potential complications from diabetes if feet are not well cared for. Check regularly for sores, cuts, skin issues or infections. Also, wear clean, comfortable shoes, and see your doctor if you believe there is something wrong with your feet.


These are just a few tips for diabetes control. Other lifestyle changes to avoid diabetes complications generally involve the creation of a diabetes friendly meal plan, seeing your doctor regularly and taking your medication as prescribed. To learn additional diabetes tips, find recipes and exercise suggestions, explore our site: www.BetterHealthKare.com






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