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Healthy Lifestyle Tips

 5 Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Diabetics

 5 Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Diabetics

Helpful tips to help diabetics enjoy a healthier lifestyle For some people, a diagnosis of diabetes is the push they need to start living a healthier, more enjoyable lifestyle. If you have been diagnosed with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, you will need to make certain lifestyle adjustments in order to manage your disease

Lifestyle Changes to Avoid Diabetes Complications

5 Lifestyle Changes to Avoid Diabetes Complications

Want to learn lifestyle changes to avoid diabetes complications? Here are 5 to consider! With an estimated 29 million people having diabetes in the United States according to the CDC, it’s no wonder we hear about the disease on a regular basis. If you have witnessed a family member or friend live the disease, you

Lifestyle Tips for Managing Diabetes

6 Lifestyle Tips for Managing Diabetes

Looking for lifestyle tips for managing diabetes? Here are 6 from your friends at Better Health Kare! The term “it takes a village” has often been used in the diabetes community when discussing ways to properly care for your health after a diagnosis, and with good reason.  Because diabetes can affect so many areas of

5 Eating Tips for Diabetes

Healthy eating tips for diabetes control If you have Type 2 diabetes or are at risk for developing it, adopting a few healthy eating tips for diabetes can effect a major improvement in your health and well-being.  Diet plays an enormous role in managing diabetes. Making some small changes in what you consume and how