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10 Celebrity Women Over 50 Who Look Great Share their Healthy Lifestyle

10 Celebrity Women Who Look Great at 50-Plus

10 Celebrity Women Who Look Great at 50-Plus

Celebrities are often known for their crazy diet and fitness plans. But while some stars go to the extremes to drop the pounds, others have figured out how to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Here, we’ve rounded up the best tips from celebrity women over 50 who look great without completely depriving themselves.    

food for thought

Food for thought

Keeping your brain in the best health possible is important. As you age, so does your brain, and you may experience what’s called cognitive decline. Basically, your brain doesn’t work as well as it previously did. Some cognitive decline is normal, but some you can prevent. Although no certain diet is best for brain health,

Mixed berries

Berries, berries, berries – Nature’s sweetest antioxidants

Blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries may be summer’s best nutrition and taste sensations. They’re among the foods with the highest content of antioxidants, vitamin C, fiber, and other disease-fighting compounds. Enjoy them fresh for a terrific grab-and-go snack or simple dessert. Yogurt and cereal are great with fresh berries on top, and salsas made with berries


Fasting for Health: An Evolving Topic

For millennia, fasting has had a strictly religious association, as faith practitioners have used the sacrifice of food and drink as a form of worship. In healthcare, doctors and surgeons have often recommended that patients fast to avoid inaccurate diagnostic test readings and potential procedural complications. Yet only recently has fasting begun to be viewed

Healthy Breakfast

Does Eating Breakfast Before a Workout Boost Weight Loss

When it comes to maximizing a workout routine intended to boost weight loss, it can be awfully difficult to separate fact from fiction. Determining which recommendations are going to work best for your body and your goals can also be tricky. One of the most frequently asked questions about maximizing weight loss fitness efforts has

workout regiment

Choosing the Right Workout Regiment for your Body and Lifestyle

It is no mystery that regular exercise is an important aspect of healthy living. The benefits of exercise are endless—lower blood pressure, lower blood cholesterol, stronger heart, stronger muscles, healthier lungs, and better psychological/emotional health, to name a few. Once you have decided to begin an exercise routine into your life, the next step is

The Average American Diet Plan Unmasked

A 2011 Consumer Reports survey asked over 3000 subscribers about their dieting habits, successes and failures. While many of the survey results are unlikely to surprise anyone who has considered losing weight, others might be unexpectedly helpful. Regardless of whether a prospective dieter finds America’s dieting practices astounding or obvious, merely knowing they are not

Overweight Diet Beverage Drinkers Should Watch Food Intake

Over the past few decades, soft drink companies have released more and more sugar-free or low-calorie products. Demand for diet beverages continues to climb, leading some researches to wonder whether drinking the diet soft drinks rather that the full-sugar versions make a difference in the waist-line of American consumers. Researchers recently published a study in