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How Safe Are Hand Sanitizers?

How Safe Are Hand Sanitizers?

How Safe Are Hand Sanitizers?

Keeping our hands clean is one of the best ways to reduce the spreading of germs which can lead to infections and diseases.  Although washing hands with soap and warm water is the best line of defense, it is not always convenient. Convenience is what makes hand sanitizers so popular. On the plane, in the

Summer Allergies

All you need to know about Summer Allergies

While you may think your allergies should end after spring, summer allergies are fairly common for most people. Summer allergies are caused by the same offenders as spring allergies, namely pollen that enters the nose of allergic individuals. Since most trees finish pollinating in spring, summer allergies are more often brought on by things like

Health Problems

10 Visible Signs Indicating a Health Problem

Whether they are symptoms you can see or a visible indication of a condition that increases your likelihood of having a problem, you can use these signs to make better health decisions. Take a look at these ten visual clues:   Legs That Are Short in Proportion to Your Upper Body   How could the