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A weighty subject

Talking to a loved one about losing weight can be awkward. Approaching the topic in a sensitive, supportive way can make all the difference. To start the conversation, begin by saying: “I care about you.” “You are important to me, and I want you around for a long time.” “I want you to have more

5 keys to quitting smoking

  GET READY. Pick a quit day and put it on your calendar. Remove all cigarettes, ashtrays, matches and other smoking items from your home, office, and car. Make a list of all the reasons why you want (and need) to quit. Keep the list handy so you can read it when you get the

Separating flu facts from fiction

Yep, it’s here. Cold and flu season.   Myth: You can get the flu from the vaccine. Truth: The vaccine is made from an inactivated influenza virus that can’t transmit infection. If people get sick after getting a flu vaccination, they were going to get sick anyway.   Myth: Healthy people don’t need to be

5 ways to free your mind of “clutter”

Houses aren’t the only things that may need a spring cleaning. Our minds can find themselves in the same condition. If you’ve collected a mess of old hurts that are getting in your way and habits that no longer work, do a thorough cleaning and clear out stuff to make space for new and healthier