Simple, Proven Ways to Boost Metabolism

ways to boost metabolism

What is a metabolism?

Metabolism refers to the chemical processes that occur inside a living organism, such as ourselves, in order for it to continue living. What this means is that our metabolism converts food into energy. The calories in the food that we eat work together with the oxygen in our body to nourish our body with the energy that it needs to work. 

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Not one metabolism is alike and the higher your metabolism is the more calories you burn and the easier it is for you to keep off weight. If you are one of the not so lucky people that don’t have a fast metabolism here we will give you some tips on ways to boost metabolism rates through foods that help with how to speed up metabolism naturally.

How to Increase Metabolism: Foods That Increase Metabolism

Although there is no magic food that will change your normal metabolism to a super metabolism, there are foods and beverages that you can consume that will help with how speed up your metabolism, at least for the time being.

  • Tea – Green Tea or Oolong Tea are two great beverages that can help with how to increase metabolism rates. They help your body work with the fatty acids to turn them into energy. Not to mention that tea, especially green tea and oolong tea, are low in calories so they can also help with weight loss.
  • Spices – Do you love spicy food? Spicy foods that contain certain peppers can give a kick, making it one of the easier ways to boost metabolism rates. If you aren’t a lover of spicy food, not to worry, we have more foods that increase metabolism on our list.
  • Protein – eating protein at every meal can help your body process all of the nutrients it needs in a healthy way leading to a higher metabolic rate. Another plus to protein is that it’s good for you and can make you feel fuller after eating it than eating pasta or pizza.
  • Water – cold water should be your choice instead of any drink that contains large amounts of sugar. Cold water causes your body to use energy to heat up the cold water as it travels through your body, speeding up your metabolism.
  • Coffee – Coffee, especially when consumed in the morning can speed up your metabolism because of its fat burning promotion.
  • Oils – the oils that you use in cooking can also play a role in your metabolism. Make sure you are cooking your food with coconut oil, it’s fatty acid content can help with weight loss and metabolism rates.

Ways to Boost Metabolism Naturally

When it comes to ways to boost metabolism, there are many exercises to increase metabolism naturally that can be made through simple changes in daily habits. Not to mention that exercising regularly is good for your overall health.

  • Start by standing up more. Getting up and moving around is good for your health, unlike sitting down. When you are up and moving around, even just standing you are burning more calories than you were sitting down.
  • High intensity workouts are a great example of how to increase metabolism rates because they consist of bursts of intense activity leading you to burn more fate and increase your metabolism. Your metabolism will continue running even after you have finished your workout.
  • Lifting weights can also help with metabolism. Muscles when lifting heavy things burn calories, even when they’re not being used. The more you move and exercise those muscles the more your body will retain.

Make sure that along with eating right and exercising regularly you are also getting a good night’s sleep each night. Lack of sleep is linked directly to obesity because of the effects lack of sleep has on the metabolism. Your body needs to rest in order to function at top speed and without it the body struggles to keep up with its daily needs. Make sure to speak with your doctor about other ways how to speed up your metabolism and let them know about any health concerns you may have.


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