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Is It Time for You to Switch Your Diabetes Medication?

Is It Time for You to Switch Your Diabetes Medication?

The battle against diabetes is never-ending, and although there are many different medications on the market, there is no magic pill or injection that can cure this disease. However, there are medications that can help to regulate one’s blood glucose levels. Many people with diabetes understand that getting their blood sugar under control often involves

Managing Diabetes – Know Your Numbers

Diabetes is becoming more common every day, and there are approximately 26 million people who are currently suffering from the disease. Although these numbers can cause considerable anxiety, it is important to focus your attention on the numbers that mean the most to you as a diabetic, including your blood sugar levels. The more you

Exercising to Improve Your Blood Sugar

Anyone that is diabetic can benefit from exercising. The muscles in the body become more sensitive to insulin, and as a result, they absorb higher concentrations of insulin from the blood. People that exercise moderately can experience lower blood sugar for 24 or longer. Whether you were recently diagnosed with diabetes or have been battling

Effects of Types of Insulin on Your Body

Your diabetes may change over time, meaning that your insulin needs may also vary. It is important to realize that all insulin is not the same. Most diabetics are familiar with long- and short-acting insulin, but there are several other categories, too. Each has a distinct role and effect in helping to regulate blood glucose