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Tips for Diabetes Management

Back to School Tips for Diabetes Management

Back to School Tips for Diabetes Management

Learn tips for diabetes management and heading back to school Is your diabetic child heading back to school? Parents of a child with diabetes want to know that he or she is prepared to manage their health while they are at school. This means having all the essential items on hand that they will need

Fighting Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms

Another Reason to Eat Your Broccoli: Fighting Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms

See how foods like broccoli can help with fighting type 2 diabetes symptoms There may be another reason the old adage “eat your vegetables” is so popular, as researchers have discovered that a compound in broccoli might help treat Type 2 diabetes symptoms. A recent study publishing in Science Translational Medicine by lead author Dr.

Lifestyle Changes to Avoid Diabetes Complications

5 Lifestyle Changes to Avoid Diabetes Complications

Want to learn lifestyle changes to avoid diabetes complications? Here are 5 to consider! With an estimated 29 million people having diabetes in the United States according to the CDC, it’s no wonder we hear about the disease on a regular basis. If you have witnessed a family member or friend live the disease, you

Blood Sugar Monitor

The Newest Blood Sugar Monitor Could Be a Tattoo

Learn more about revolutionary blood sugar monitor technology being developed by researchers at MIT. Blood sugar monitors and finger pricking are a daily routine for diabetic patients but the newest monitoring system may be found in a tattoo. Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed ink that acts as a biosensor. The biosensor

Living Well with Diabetes

Living Well With Diabetes – 5 Tips

The importance of learning that living well with Diabetes can make a difference is key in prevention and maintenance After a diabetes diagnosis, the first concern for most people is how this prognosis will change the quality of their lives. While it is true that there are many components to diabetes and some of the

Effects of Regular Alcohol Consumption

The Effects of Regular Alcohol Consumption

Is drinking alcohol ever healthy for you? Find out the truth about the effects of regular alcohol consumption Have you ever wondered if your consumption of alcohol is having a beneficial or negative effect on your body? For many people, drinking alcohol is an ingrained part of life. People drink for many reasons: to be

Managing Diabetes with Diet

Managing Diabetes with Diet

Wondering if managing diabetes with diet is possible? Learn more about how food affects your body. In recent years, we are hearing about more and more people being diagnosed with diabetes. And while a diagnosis can be frightening, a positive piece of information to keep in mind is that some diabetes diagnosis’ can be prevented

Diabetes Symptoms in Men

Diabetes Symptoms in Men

Curious About Diabetes Symptoms in Men? Learn More About the Disease Symptoms Currently, the CDC estimates 29 million people having diabetes in the United States. And with the same organization stating that men have slightly increased chances of getting diabetes than women, it is important they know the symptoms to look out for. Diabetes symptoms

Diabetes Symptoms in Women

Diabetes Symptoms in Women

Wondering how to tell if you have diabetes? Learn how to recognize early diabetes symptoms in women Could you be suffering from diabetes and not even know it? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 13.4 million women in the United States suffer from diabetes, and more than a quarter of them are