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what happens if you eat too much salt

What Happens if You Eat Too Much Salt?

What are the risks of eating too much salt? Is salt a staple part of your meals? For many people the answer is yes, and if it’s not, you’re probably still eating more sodium than you realize. Sodium is needed to keep your body functioning the correct way, by regulating blood flow, blood pressure, digestion

weight loss plan for teens

Weight Loss Plan for Teens

Losing extra weight as a teen can help improve confidence and overall health. Teens, like the rest of us worry about our weight and although weight loss for teens isn’t always a major issue, losing some extra pounds can help teens have a higher self-esteem and overall health. It’s important that a weight loss plan

how to lose weight during the holidays

How to Lose Weight During the Holidays

How to Lose Weight during the Holidays. We Will Offer Some Weight Loss Tips During the Holidays. The holidays are around the corner and everyone is wondering how to avoid holiday weight gain, or even better, how to lose weight during the holidays. It’s very common to gain weight during the holidays between the cold

tips for exercising in cold weather

8 Tips for Exercising in Cold Weather

Tips for Exercising in Cold Weather. Stay Fit All Year Can you believe it’s already the holiday season? Winter weather is exciting for many reasons but can be difficult when it comes to exercising. If you’re someone who likes to go for runs or exercise outside, here we will be going over a few tips

low carb thanksgiving side dishes

Low Carb Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Low Carb Thanksgiving Side Dishes. Try some of our low carb Thanksgiving recipes! This thanksgiving don’t be overwhelmed with high calorie, high carb side dishes, instead try some of our low carb Thanksgiving recipes. We will first give you a few keto thanksgiving side recipes that sound out of this world. You won’t even notice