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Diabetes – Top Risk Factors

Certain factors contribute to the development of diabetes. Heredity is a major factor. The fact that diabetes can be inherited has been known for centuries. However, the pattern of inheritance is not fully understood. Statistic indicates that those with a family history of the disease have a higher risk of developing diabetes than those without

diabetes skin care

All About Diabetes and Skin Care

Over 30% of those who suffer from diabetes also deal with some sort of related skin condition. Diabetics have higher levels of sugar in the blood that create an ideal environment for fungi and bacteria to grow, creating skin problems and making it difficult for the body to heal the problem on its own. Diabetics

the best glucose meter

The Best Glucose Meters

The primary concern for most diabetics is regulating the amount of sugar in their bloodstream. One of the most effective ways of doing so is to use a glucometer, which is a medical device that will give a patient an estimation of how much glucose is in a drop of blood. Anyone in the market

type 2 diabetes

What is Type 2 Diabetes?

The most common form of diabetes, type 2 is a condition in which blood sugar remains at a higher level than it should. Also known as hyperglycemia, type 2 diabetes means the body is not using insulin the way it should. Understanding what causes the disease can help people prevent and treat it effectively.  

diabetes medication

Is It Time for You to Switch Your Diabetes Medication?

The battle against diabetes is never-ending, and although there are many different medications on the market, there is no magic pill or injection that can cure this disease. However, there are medications that can help to regulate one’s blood glucose levels. Many people with diabetes understand that getting their blood sugar under control often involves

Sleeping for health

Boost your immunity

A good night’s sleep may be one way to fight off a cold. In one study, adults who slept less than seven hours a night had triple the risk of catching a cold compared to those who slept more than eight hours. Researchers interviewed participants in the study about their sleeping habits, and then dosed