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Fighting Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms

Another Reason to Eat Your Broccoli: Fighting Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms

Another Reason to Eat Your Broccoli: Fighting Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms

See how foods like broccoli can help with fighting type 2 diabetes symptoms There may be another reason the old adage “eat your vegetables” is so popular, as researchers have discovered that a compound in broccoli might help treat Type 2 diabetes symptoms. A recent study publishing in Science Translational Medicine by lead author Dr.

health tips for summer heat

6 Health Tips for Summer Heat

Implement these health tips for summer heat to keep you safe during hotter temperatures. With summer finally here, the warmer weather is a welcomed invitation for most people to get outside and have fun. This may include a day at the beach, a picnic with a loved one, playing volleyball with your kids, golfing, or

Wearable Diabetes Technology

The Future Wearable Diabetes Technology is (Just About) Here

Learn about revolutionary wearable diabetes technology that may be coming to market soon! New wearable diabetes technology may be just around the corner thanks to researchers from The University of Texas at Dallas. The team has been working for several years to develop a wearable diagnostic tool that uses a microscopic amount of user’s sweat

Lifestyle Changes to Avoid Diabetes Complications

5 Lifestyle Changes to Avoid Diabetes Complications

Want to learn lifestyle changes to avoid diabetes complications? Here are 5 to consider! With an estimated 29 million people having diabetes in the United States according to the CDC, it’s no wonder we hear about the disease on a regular basis. If you have witnessed a family member or friend live the disease, you

Stabilize Blood Sugar  

7 Tips to Stabilize Blood Sugar  

Learn How to Stablize Blood Sugar with these 7 Tips Maintaining healthy Blood glucose levels is an important factor for good health.  Although it is more critical for people with diabetes to balance blood sugar, imbalances can contribute to serious health issues in anyone. Based on information from staff at the Mayo Clinic, uncontrolled blood

Diabetes Fitness Plan

The Diabetes Fitness Plan: What is the Best Exercise for Diabetics?

Want to improve your health with Type 2 diabetes? Try this fun and easy diabetes fitness plan from www.BetterHealthKare.com! Following a diabetes fitness plan is an essential part of managing Type 2 diabetes. If you have been diagnosed as having prediabetes or Type 2 diabetes, a program of regular exercise can significantly improve your health

Tips to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

5 Tips to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

If this Disease is a Concern, Implement these 5 Tips to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes The complications associated with Type 2 diabetes means prevention is always recommended as the primary objective. Implementing tips to prevent Type 2 diabetes is especially critical for people who are borderline or pre-diabetic. Historically, Type 2 diabetes occurred in such

Blood Sugar Monitor

The Newest Blood Sugar Monitor Could Be a Tattoo

Learn more about revolutionary blood sugar monitor technology being developed by researchers at MIT. Blood sugar monitors and finger pricking are a daily routine for diabetic patients but the newest monitoring system may be found in a tattoo. Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed ink that acts as a biosensor. The biosensor