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Diabetes Technology: Texting as Good as Medication

Diabetes Technology: Texting as Good as Medication

Read more about the new advances in diabetes technology  and the new diabetes technology  The sweeping influence of Technology may be changing the dynamics of diabetes management. In a Dulce randomized controlled study utilizing digital text messages as a diabetes management tool, participants saw notable improvements in A1C tests that measure blood glucose levels. The

Symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes

Common Symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes

Could your child have Type 1 diabetes?  Find out how to recognize the common symptoms of Type 1 diabetes If your child showed symptoms of Type 1 diabetes, would you know what was wrong? An estimated 1.25 million people in the United States have Type 1 diabetes, and around 40,000 people will be diagnosed with

Easy to Follow Diabetic Diet Plan

Easy to Follow Diabetic Diet Plan

Keep these easy to follow diabetic diet plan tips handy! Anything that makes diabetes meal planning easier is always a plus. That’s because dietary changes can be the most important as well as difficult adjustment to make after receiving a diabetes diagnosis. This is particularly true for those who need to bring their weight under

Diabetes Insipidus

What is Diabetes Insipidus?

Learn more about the four types of diabetes insipidus You may be familiar with Type 1 and 2 diabetes, but have you ever heard of diabetes insipidus? If not, it may seem related to Type 1 and 2 Diabetes but in actuality it is unrelated. In fact, when someone is diagnosed with diabetes insipidus –

Foods to Prevent Diabetes

10 Foods to Prevent Diabetes

Want to know how to use foods to prevent diabetes? Learn more from www.BetterHealthKare.com With an estimated 29 million people living with diabetes in the United States, awareness of and education about the disease has increased over the years. Many people who are prediabetic, have family members with the illness, or are just health conscious

Ways to Manage Your Child's Diabetes

5 Ways to Manage Your Child’s Diabetes

Learn how lifestyle changes can help children with diabetes thrive at www.BetterHealthKare.com Having a son or daughter diagnosed with diabetes is difficult for any parent, but the disease can be well-controlled when medication, diet and lifestyle changes are implemented. Plus, with a parent’s support, help and love on a child’s side, children with diabetes can