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hiit benefits

HIIT Benefits Explained

HIIT Benefits Explained

Interested in high intensity interval training? Find out why HIIT benefits may be what you are looking for in your workout regime. If you have jumped on the “healthy journey” bandwagon, chances are you have heard a few things about HIIT benefits. But, is it really for you? What are the ways in which this

health benefits of berries

Health Benefits of Berries

Learn more about the multiple health benefits of berries and why these super fruits shouldn’t be left out of your diet! They come in different sizes and beautiful colors, packed with amazing taste and are so yummy that even kids think of them as treats. But, these powerful fruits are super charged with multiple agents

march madness fitness challenge

March Madness Fitness Challenge

Are you ready to get back in shape? The March Madness Fitness Challenge is here to help you achieve the body you want while keeping you entertained! With warmer temperatures fast approaching and bikini season almost in sight, everyone is gearing up to jumpstart their workout routine. You can do it to, and most importantly,

indoor exercises for diabetics

4 Indoor Exercises for Diabetics

These quick and easy indoor exercises for diabetics can be done right in the comfort of your home, and still make up a great difference in how you feel. Getting yourself to the gym can be challenging after a long day of work, meeting deadlines and running errands. But, when you live with diabetes staying

how to lose weight while taking insulin

How to Lose Weight While Taking Insulin

Taking your diabetes medication and staying on your healthy weight is not impossible. Learn how to lose weight while taking insulin right now! You have been diagnosed with diabetes and you are taking your medication to take of your health. But, now you are also worried about packing on the pounds because of it. Learn